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Get Ready For the Holidays With Merry Stockings!

Get Ready For the Holidays With Merry Stockings!

With the holidays right around the corner, we were excited to visit with Jake Witham of Their holiday focused business, specializing in Bucilla® Christmas goods and other personalized holiday decor items, has grown from days in a garage to a warehouse in Minnesota. 

Merry Stockings Owners Jake and Natalie Witham 

Question: As the owner of a holiday based business, you and your family must have some special traditions! What are some of those traditions? 

Jake and Natalie: During the build up to Christmas, which really starts the day after Thanksgiving, we partake in several traditions that are significant to us. One of our favorite traditions is cutting down our Christmas tree. We drive an hour north of St. Paul to a Christmas tree farm where our family wanders through rows and rows of trees to find "just the right one". When someone finds it, we cut it down, tie it to the top of the car and drive it home to decorate. 

Both of our families did this when we were young and so it truly is quite a tradition!  The Christmas tree farm provides hot cider, sleigh rides, and photo opportunities with Santa. It is a fun day and an inaugural start of the season for us. Additionally, Jake’s mom began creating Bucilla Christmas stockings for her kids back in the early 70's and now does for her grandchildren! It's always special to bring out the Bucilla stockings and decorate the mantel.

Question: As a retailer of our Bucilla holiday line, what do you think it is about this type of crafting that makes it so special? 

Jake and Natalie: When giving a gift in our fast paced world, often times we turn to things that are easily purchased. In that regard, Bucilla stockings completely go against the grain of our culture. We believe that recipients of Bucilla stockings or tree skirts know just how much effort, time and love are sewn into the final product and treasure them as heirlooms. It is also special for the creator of the gift because they are giving of themselves as they create this artwork. 

Question: Any advice to someone that is new to needle crafting as to how to start?  

Jake and Natalie: Getting started in needle crafting can be intimidating! However, Bucilla has done a great job offering kits that are easier, so chose one that has less detail to start. Additionally, if you know someone that has been working on Bucilla kits for years, buy two of a kit and spend some time working on the same kit together and learn from them. You won’t regret the project outcome or the precious time spent with that person!

Visit to learn more and start getting in the holiday spirit!

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