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Is it necessary to heat-set a fabric project when using Fabric Creations Plush?

Yes, heat-setting fabrics painted with Fabric Creations Plush is necessary to activate the dimensional, plush effect. To heat-set your project and activate the plush effect, follow the instructions below:

  1. Allow the decorated fabric to dry overnight.
  2. Heat an iron to the highest setting allowed for the decorated fabric.
  3. Lay a dry pressing cloth over your ironing board and position project fabric decorated-side down.
  4. Using steam, lightly press the backside of the decorated fabric to activate the dimensional effect of the paint.
    1. Note: If the decorated surface is too difficult to reach when heat-setting from the backside, you can heat-set from the front by holding the heated iron slightly above—not touching— the painted fabric surface and applying steam.

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