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How should I care for my paint brushes to make them last longer and ensure better performance?

Proper cleaning and care makes brushes last longer and perform better. Wood and paper are hardest on brushes and will tend to make your brushes wear faster.
  1. Thoroughly rinse the brush with water, using the grid at the bottom on the Brush Basin®.
  2. Squeeze Brush Plus® brush cleaner or FolkArt® Brush Cleaner & Conditioner into the bristles and work it in with your fingers all the way to the ferrule. Rinse with water. Repeat if needed.
  3. After you have cleaned your brushes, use Brush Plus or FolkArt® Brush Cleaner & Conditioner to resize them. Work it in back and forth to get enough cleaner into the bristles to reshape them.
  4. Pull the bristles between your fingers to re-shape a chisel. With a flat brush you may need to do this a couple of times for the medium to start to set up.
  5. Make sure that your bristles are not touching a surface when drying.
  6. Store brushes with bristles upright in a cup or brush caddy.
Here are some other tips for making your brushes last longer.
  • Don't allow paint to dry in your brush.
  • As you paint, occasionally rinse the bristles with water.
  • Store brushes in the Brush Basin® or in a container that allows brushes to retain their form and be separated from each other.

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