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FolkArt Paints

FolkArt Gesso FAQ

Because FolkArt Gesso is created as a medium body product, it can be used to create slight textures to a project surface using a variety of texture tools.
Yes, acrylic paint such as FolkArt Acrylics or FolkArt Multi-Surface paints can be mixed with Gesso to slightly color the medium and then used to prepare or prime a surface.  This will give the surface a base tint prior to painting a basecoat of color.

By itself, no.  Because FolkArt Gesso is intended to be used as a primer to prepare a surface and is not manufactured in the multi-surface formula, it cannot withstand outdoor weather.
FolkArt Gesso will dry to the touch very quickly within 10 – 20 minutes, however, it will take approximately 24 hours before it is cured to the surface.  Once cured to the project surface, the surface can then be painted or decorated.

When brushing a light, smooth coat of FolkArt Gesso to a surface, allow approximately 10 to 20 minutes for the application of Gesso to dry.
FolkArt Gesso, because it is non-toxic and water-based, is easy to clean out of painting tools immediately after use – while wet – with soap and water. 

FolkArt Gesso can be applied to most non-glass surfaces to prepare or prime the surface prior to painting.  Surfaces such as wood, terra cotta, non-primed canvas, and papier mache can be primed using Gesso. 
FolkArt Gesso is manufactured as a medium used to prime or prepare a surface.  So, yes, applying a basecoat of color over the Gesso once dry and cured is recommended. 
It is best to shake FolkArt Gesso well prior to use, to fully incorporate the medium.
In most cases, FolkArt Gesso is applied to project surfaces using a soft to medium bristle brush.  However, other art tools such as: a foam applicator, a sponge, and even a palette knife can be used to apply Gesso.
For artists working in many art forms, FolkArt Gesso is available in the most used color: White.
FolkArt Gesso is a medium body paint mixture consisting of a binder that is mixed with a combination of chalk and titanium pigment. It is used in artwork to prepare or prime any number of surfaces such as wood, canvas and sculpture as a base for paint and other art materials that can be applied over it.
FolkArt Gesso should be brushed directly onto the chosen surface using long smooth brushstrokes.  It is best to apply a light coat of Gesso, allow it to dry and then reapply a second application again using long smooth strokes.

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