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FolkArt Terra Cotta Paint

FolkArt Terra Cotta FAQ

FolkArt Terra Cotta should not be applied to flexible surfaces because it may crackAnd keep in mind, this paint is developed to mimic the look and feel of terra cotta which is naturally not flexible.

Yes, FolkArt Terra Cotta can be used on outdoor project surfaces as long as they are protected from the elements.  This paint is weather-resistant.  If they will be exposed to the elements, they need to be sealed with FolkArt Outdoor Varnish.

Yes, FolkArt Terra Cotta paints can be intermixed to create different custom colors.  Simply begin by adding a small amount of the darker color into the lighter color, (a little at a time.)  Continue adding small amounts of the darker color until the desired color is achieved. 
No, FolkArt Terra Cotta should not be mixed with extender or water.  Mixing with any other liquid may increase cracking.

Yes, FolkArt Terra Cotta painted surfaces can be glazed or antiqued after the paint has cured, however, note that the matte finish will changed from the natural terra cotta look and feel. 

We recommend air drying the FolkArt Terra Cotta.  Using a fan or hair dryer may remove the moisture from the paint too quickly and cause the paint to crack.

No, tinting FolkArt Terra Cotta with other paint formulas may change the properties of the paint.  However, remember, you can intermix FolkArt Terra Cotta paints themselves.

No, it is self-sealing, meaning a varnish or top coat is not necessary.  However, if an outdoor project will be exposed to the severe weather elements outdoors, it should be sealed with FolkArt Outdoor Varnish.

FolkArt Terra Cotta will dry completely to the touch within a couple hours to 24 hours. Total cure time is between 48 to 72 hours depending on the thickness of the paint application and the humidity.

FolkArt Terra Cotta can be applied evenly onto a surface using a bristled paintbrush.  However, a variety of textures can also be achieved using the dabbing motion of a stencil brush, or “iced” over a flat surface using a palette knife.  

FolkArt Terra Cotta can be used on glass, ceramics, wood, terra cotta, papier mache, metal, Styrofoam, and most other porous surfaces.
No, FolkArt Terra Cotta is not recommended for fabric application as it does not dry to a flexible finish.

Because FolkArt Terra Cotta is both non-toxic and water-based, all paint applicators (paintbrushes, stencil brushes, and/or a palette knife) clean up easily while still wet with soap and water.

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