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FolkArt Treasure Gold

FolkArt Treasure Gold FAQ

Yes, FolkArt Treasure Gold can be used to color block an area. It can also be used to basecoat larger areas, such as a piece of furniture, for a very dramatic metallic effect. When color blocking, use stencil tape or painter’s tape to mask the areas to be painted.
Yes, when desired, FolkArt Treasure Gold can be thinned with water, to create fine, detail decorative lines or strokework. However, if diluted too much, the opacity of the metallic paint will be reduced, and therefore, a second application to obtain a solid, opaque metallic effect is required.
FolkArt Treasure Gold dries to a luscious metallic finish when thoroughly dried and does not require a topcoat or varnish. For extra protection, however, a clear acrylic spray sealer or a brush-on varnish may be used. Keep in mind that additional topcoat or varnish will alter the original luster/sheen of FolkArt Treasure Gold.
Yes, FolkArt Treasure Gold can be used to decorate indoor and outdoor surfaces without the need to topcoat the finish.
FolkArt Treasure Gold will dry to the touch within one (1) hour, however, it will take approximately 48 hours before it is cured to non-glass surfaces. Glass and ceramic surfaces should be baked to cure FolkArt Treasure Gold. 
FolkArt Treasure Gold does dry rather quickly when applied in thin applications, however, it may take up to an hour to completely dry. Paint application, surface type, room humidity and temperature may also play a variable in the drying time.
FolkArt Treasure Gold is a water-based product. To clean application tools, thoroughly wash the brush bristles, after each use, in soap and warm water. Never allow paint to dry in a paintbrush. 
FolkArt Treasure Gold sometimes settles in the bottle because of its heavy pigmentation. Before using, stir well to thoroughly mix until the color is uniform.
Yes, glassware that has been decorated with FolkArt Treasure Gold can be washed by hand or is safe to be cleaned on the top shelf of the dishwasher once it has been thoroughly cured to the surface by baking-to-cure. See how to cure painted glass projects to learn more. 
You can use FolkArt Treasure Gold on a number of surfaces: wood, papier mache, canvas, metal, glass and glazed ceramics, paper, and terracotta. This paint also works well on acrylic-painted or stained surfaces. Please note that porous surfaces, such as plaster and bisque, should be sealed or basecoated prior to an application of FolkArt Treasure Gold.
The recommended best tool to use when applying FolkArt Treasure Gold is a soft-to-medium bristle brush rather than a foam applicator which may leave streaks or brush marks. When using light pressure, a bristle brush will allow you the ability to apply a thin, smooth coat. FolkArt Treasure Gold is best applied to smooth surfaces, working a small area at a time while being careful to apply a thin coat. If desired, a second application can be brushed on once the first coat is thoroughly dry. 
After shaking or stirring the paint to ensure it is thoroughly mixed, pour a small amount of FolkArt Treasure Gold out onto a palette or foam plate. Load a soft-to-medium bristle paintbrush by brushing into the puddle of paint.

NOTE: It is best to apply FolkArt Treasure Gold stroking in one direction using light pressure. It is also best to allow a dry time of one hour between applications.
You can learn more about this product by downloading the FolkArt Treasure Gold FAQ document.

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