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Leather Branding Tool FAQ

Plaid’s Leather Branding Tool is a convenient and easy-to-use tool that will provide general crafters or DIY enthusiasts with all they need to create attractive leather home décor items or apparel projects with that burned look and feel of leather branded designs.  Landscapes, florals and whimsical stamped designs can be created on a variety of leather surfaces such as: pillows, furniture, lampshades, notebooks and journals, bags, shoes, belts, even a variety of leather jewelry.  Whether working freehand or over traced pattern lines, the Leather Branding Tool is easy to use.  And the variety of tips or stamps included also enable the user to heat stamp borders and overall patterns!
Yes, of course!  Once a design has been branded into a leather surface, the design can then be highlighted with color using Plaid’s Leather Studio acrylic paints.
Yes, a tip can be sharpened or even cleaned if residue remains.  Use fine grit sandpaper to lightly sand the cooled point.
The only preparation of a leather surface necessary prior to branding or stamping a design is to make sure the surface is dust-free and if desired, a pattern has been transferred.
The art of branding or stamping designs into a leather surface is not only easy to do, it also is very relaxing.  Begin by selecting a design, transferring the design onto a chosen surface.  Next plug the Leather Branding Tool into an outlet, rest it in its metal safety stand and then allow the tool to heat up, (approximately 8 – 10 minutes.)
This product is packaged in a convenient storage case including the Leather Branding Tool, an electrical cord measuring approximately 56 inches in length with a UL polarized two prong plug.  You will also find 12 interchangeable design brass points, a metal safety stand, and an instruction sheet, including a few technique ideas and helpful hints.
Plaid’s Leather Branding Tool will completely heat up within eight to ten minutes (8 – 10).
The cord measures approximately 56 inches in length from the tool handle base to the plug.
There are twelve (12) points included with the Leather Branding Tool.  All points are made of solid brass. Each point is designed for specific uses:
  • Universal Point – Used to create a variety of straight or curved line thicknesses.
  • Flow Point – Easily used for line work points, and dot designs.
  • Calligraphy Point – Effortlessly burns calligraphy style lettering or other shaping techniques.
  • Hot Stamping Tips – Each stamping tip creates picture perfect patterns and borders.
  • Tapered Point – Is ideal for creating detailed designs and cutting stencils.
  • Branding Stamp Point – Use easily to create branding stamp or wave pattern.
  • Heart Stamping Point – Best used to create heart stamped overall patterns.
  • Flower Stamping Point – Used to create stamped flower designs.
  • Peace Fingers Stamping Point – Create “peace” stamped borders and overall patterns.
  • Thumbs Up Stamping Point – Used to create a “thumbs up” approved design or patterned border.
  • Hot Stamping Points – Includes three different design points.  Each stamping point creates picture perfect patterns and borders that can be used individually or in combination to create a special stamped design.
A design pattern can easily be transferred to a leather surface using artist’s graphite paper.
Graphite Transfer Paper: Begin by securing the printed or hand drawn pattern onto the leather surface using a piece of stencil tape.  Slip the artists graphite paper under the paper pattern keeping the dark side of the graphite paper down to the leather surface.  Next, retrace over the design lines using either an artist’s stylus or a ball point pen.  TIP:  When tracing the pattern lines, it is always best to use light to medium pressure.  Once the entire pattern has been transferred, remove both the pattern as well as the graphite paper.
If you accidentally damaged your power cord, it is NOT recommended for further use. Also, it is best NOT to try to replace the electrical cord.
It is always best to test both the surface and the Leather Branding Point on a scrap piece of leather or the backside of the project surface. 
After each use, it is recommended that the Leather Branding Tool be allowed to completely cool down. Once cool, remove the point and then store the tool without a point inserted.
To prevent possible injury, it is best to always stabilize the Leather Branding Tool Safety Stand so that it does not move about the work surface while working with a hot tool.  Simply unfold the metal stand, set it upright, then tape the legs of the stand to the work surface where desired.  Using cellophane, stencil or painters tape to hold the stand in place will stabilize the safety stand allowing the heated tool to rest between creative sessions.
For your safety, after using the Leather Branding Tool and before changing points, it is recommended that the tool be unplugged from the electrical outlet and allowed to completely cool down. NOTE:  It may take 30 – 45 minutes for the point and tool to cool completely, allowing you to remove and change the point.  Once cool, unscrew the point using pliers and place the point in a small glass or ceramic dish for safe keeping. Before inserting the new point, if desired, add a tiny amount of graphite dry lubricant (not included) at the top of the tool.  The graphite dry lubricant will lubricate the tool making it easy to add and remove a point.
The best position to hold the Leather Branding Tool, while in use, is like a pencil or paintbrush allowing the heated point to simply glide over the leather surface.  The only exception to this rule is when using the Stamping Points which are better used in an upright 90° angle to the surface.
All twelve points included with the Leather Branding Tool can easily be attached to the tool.  Before the tool is plugged into an electrical outlet and while both the tool and the point are still cool to the touch, squeeze a tiny amount of graphite dry lubricant (not included) into the top end of the Leather Branding Tool.  All points are threaded and meant to be screwed into the tool.  Next, simply insert the desired point and screw it into place.  If desired, use pliers to hold the point in place while attaching it to the tool.  The graphite dry lubricant will lubricate the tool making it easy to add and remove each Leather Branding Point.  NOTE:  When changing tips, after using the Leather Branding Tool, allow the heated tool and point to completely cool down - approximately 30 – 45 minutes - before removing the hot point and replacing with a new point. 
The Leather Branding Tool operates at 120vac, 25w, and 60 Hz
The Leather Branding Tool should take approximately eight to ten (8 – 10) minutes to completely heat up.  Once heated, please use caution as it may heat up to 810°F.
A few household miscellaneous supplies might be needed when leather branding.  These supplies are:
  • Small Ceramic Dish – Can be used to hold leather branding points – perfect placeholder for warm points while cooling down.
  • Pencil – Can be used to draw a pattern onto a project surface.  Can also be used to retrace over pattern lines when transferring a design.
  • Graphite Paper – Use to transfer pattern design lines onto leather surface.
  • Stylus or Ballpoint Pen – Use to transfer pattern design lines onto leather project surface.
  • Tape Either stencil, painters or cellophane tape can be used: 1. Use to secure pattern to surface while transferring design lines. 2. Use to secure the metal safety stand to work surface.
  • Flat Nose Pliers – Can be used to hold a point while attaching to or removing from the tool.
Leather apparel surfaces such as earrings, bracelets, bags, backpacks, shoes, vests, belts, and jackets can be decorated using the Leather Branding Tool.  Also leather home décor items like lampshades, chairs, ottomans, and even books or journals make great surfaces to decorate using the Leather Branding Tool.
Most creators find it easier to pull the Leather Branding Tool towards you while branding a design.  Reposition the project surface often to make it easier to continually pull the tool towards you.
  • NEVER touch a hot Leather Branding Tool Point which may cause severe burns.
  • Lightly squeeze a tiny amount of graphite dry lubricant (not included) before inserting a point to a cool Leather Branding Tool.  The dry graphite lubricant will keep points from sticking.
  • Use tape to secure the metal safety stand to the work surface to prevent possible burns from the hot tool tip.
  • Use light pressure and allow the heat to brand the surface. If necessary, move slowly for a consistent burn mark.
  • Practice each tip before use, perhaps use the backside of your project surface.
  • You may find it easier to pull the tool towards you, be comfortable and turn your project surface as necessary.
  • Unplug after each use and NEVER leave a hot tool unattended.  While cooling, allow Tool to rest on the metal safety stand.
  • This is not to be used with soft leather, suede or vinyl.
  • NOTE:  This product contains small pieces and is not suitable for children under 14 years of age without adult supervision.
  • DO NOT use near water.

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