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Join the Plaid Creative Community

Join the Plaid Creative Community

Do you share your knowledge of crafting, DIY projects, or cosplay builds on a blog, in classes, in videos, or in demonstrations at conferences? If so, Plaid wants to support YOU in your effort to teach and inspire others. 

We invite you to join the Plaid family by becoming a part of the Plaid Creative Community!

Plaid Creative Community Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the Creative Community,  you must be teaching and encouraging others to create, whether that is in classes, on a blog, videos, Twitch Streams, or social media and you must be located in the United States or provide a US or APO shipping address.

Plaid Creative Community Membership Benefits

  1. Each new Creative Community member will receive a welcome package of Plaid core products to jumpstart your creativity. ($75 retail value!)
  2. Additionally, Creative Community members may request Plaid products at no charge for use in posts and videos. (Please note, project ideas must be approved in advance, and members must supply links to the finished post or video.)
  3. Plaid will also supply shared paint quantities free of charge for use in demonstrations, classes or seminars taught by members at trade shows, conferences and conventions. (Project ideas and class supply lists must be approved in advance, and members must supply links or photos of the class or conference at which the products were used.)
  4. Online surveys are conducted from time to time to discuss our products. This is a unique opportunity for members to provide feedback and have a direct impact on our products and programs. Your perspective is valuable to us and we hope you will choose to participate! We also invite you to come and say “hello” in our booths at conferences and shows.
  5. Social sharing of our members’ work is a core element to the program.  By sharing your links and tagging Plaid on social media, we have the opportunity to feature select projects on Plaid’s social media! Of course, all projects are fully credited to their creator, with links back to your post or site.
  6. Plaid Creative Community members receive an exclusive discount of 25% off any order of $50 or more* on  That’s 25% off all the products you love, shipped right to your front door! 
Apply online today! We look forward to welcoming you to the Plaid family!


Creative Community Members Product Requests

Current members of the Plaid Creative Community can request products for their next class, post, or demonstration by following the link below.

Member Product Request Form

A Note on Testimonials and Endorsements

The FTC has issued guidelines on endorsements and testimonials.  You will need to disclose that connection when you use Plaid products.  A satisfactory disclosure would be: "Please be advised that Plaid Enterprises, Inc. has compensated the [artist, designer] by furnishing Plaid product at no charge in connection with this [posting, video, class]."