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Pattern Play: Patterns In Home Decor

Pattern Play: Patterns In Home Decor

I love pattern. I use it my painting, I  use it in my home décor. Here are 12 images of patterns in my home in Brooklyn.


 Hand stenciled Chain repeat pattern pillow  

Hand stenciled hexagon turquoise pillow

Hand stenciled morrocan petal repeat on my walls 

Hand stenciled metallic copper chevron pillow 

Iron coffee table quatrefoil pattern

Linoleum basket weave kitchen floor a la my landlady

Kuba cloth pillow – I’m obsessed with African textiles

Hand painted floor cloth with crazy Larry, my dog 

X saw marks on my reclaimed wood shelves, those are old saw marks! 

Vintage bathroom tile

Patterns on old books, this one is my fairytale book from childhood

You can also see how much pattern has influenced me in my design work - my Stencil1 line, now in select Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores are filled with patterns perfect for home decor. 

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