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Let's Paint: Lemons

Next in the Let's Paint Studio Series full-length video lessons, viewers learn how to paint a scene of a couple of multi-sized lemons against a wooden background, but it is important to note that this design can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces.

Practicing your brush stroke skills is essential here as Andy Jones, Content Editor of our online educational program, Let's Paint, teaches the painter how to base coat, paying keen attention to the motions of each stroke of the flat brush. The liner brush is another key tool in this painting as the painter works to fill in the flesh of the lemon with bright and juicy details. 

Plaid makes it easy for anyone to start painting and created the FolkArt Studio Series Let's Paint Kit. The kit includes 17 FolkArt Acrylic paint colors, FolkArt Treasure Gold, 18 FolkArt paintbrushes, FolkArt Blending Gel, Plaid Brush Basin, Exclusive 38-page pattern pack. Purchased separately, kit components would retail for $149.99.

Get started on painting Lemons with the FolkArt Studio Series Let's Paint kit by watching the lesson below:
Posted: 4/11/2019 10:12:07 AM by Camille West | with 0 comments

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