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Fruit Stamping With FolkArt Ultra Dye

Fruit Stamping With FolkArt Ultra Dye

This project gives you room to experiment with your favorite organic produce and Plaid's all new FolkArt Ultra Dye. We at Handmade Charlotte partnered with Brittni of Paper & Stitch for an afternoon of slicing and dicing fun. Read more about the collaboration here, and see below for our step-by-step stamping project.

What You Need:


Step 1
Start with an inspiration + produce gathering trip to your favorite grocery store or farmers market.

Step 2
Start by covering your work surface with a protective material, like parchment paper. Cut enough paper to cover the entire surface and tape the edges.

Step 3
Grab a cutting board, knife and several cookie cutter shapes to work with. Slice all fruit and veggies into halves or thirds.

Step 4
Cut out shapes with your cookie cutters and peel away the outer edges.

Step 5
Grab a bowl / vessel for each color of dye and pour your desired amount into each one. If you've already started our Dip-Dyeing project [LINK to other Plaid tutorial], you can use the same surface and bowls :)

Step 6
Use the Ultra Dye brushes to apply color to each fruit stamp. We made an abstract painting, but your stamping options are endless! This process is also great for cards, prints and other decor.

Step 7
Once you're finished stamping, set your creation(s) in a safe spot to dry. We kept all of our dyes separate for easy clean-up and re-use. If you choose to do the same, simply pour any excess back into the Ultra Dye bottles.

Check out Rachel exploring more of Ultra Dye below!

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