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Inspiration in The City of Light with our Design Director

Inspiration in The City of Light with our Design Director

Jackie Wynia, our Director of Inspiration and Design, recently headed to Paris! Read on to hear about some of her observations and beauty she found in The City of Light! 

Paris is a city that inspires awe. With its expansive history and dynamic cultural influences, there's magic to be found almost every turn. Standard tourist fare such as the Eifel Tower and the Louvre will never disappoint, but there's something about the not-so-forgotten treasures that can be found off the beaten path.  Replete with merchandise and wares that reflect a rich, venerable history, street markets and bazaars deal in the secrets and wonderment of centuries past.

Vendors with tattered awnings carefully assemble their wares to attract savvy shoppers and inquisitive tourists. Tucked into dusty nooks of humble antique shops and ramshackle storefronts, choice pieces of furniture exhibit the craftsmanship and rich material that have made them impervious to the ravages of time. 

Whether it's an ancient credenza or a time-worn coat-of-arms, the overabundance of options makes it incredibly easy to become overwhelmed. Roaming the streets of Paris, you're confronted with possibility: the connection to the past and the opportunity for transformation in the future.

We brought along our trusty container of Mod Podge for the trip, since Mod Podge's versatility makes it the perfect medium for blending the old with the new. Our street market finds proved to be the ideal vehicle for our crafty inclinations. Vintage photographs and postcards grown sepia with age paired expertly with the decorative plates and gilded metallic paints - bound together with Mod Podge to create a new visual experience. 

While we couldn't completely recreate our time in Paris, the experience provided the inspiration for a collection of projects that (we hope) reflect the city's creative influence. With a nod towards vintage elegance, we've Mod Podge'd our way to a Parisian aesthetic.

Check out our Paris-inspired projects to see how we transformed our love of shopping and market finds into timeless home décor projects.

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