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10 Shiny Upcycled DIYs

10 Shiny Upcycled DIYs

Do you love shiny things? Then do we have some new products for you! 

If you're anything like us, we love upcycling and turning something old, into new again. With an array of vibrant and shiny colors, we have created some shiny paints to make your next DIY project POP! 

FolkArt Glossy and FolkArt Glitterific Fine are two of our newest lines of paint that will add something extra to any project. If you love our original FolkArt Glitterific line, FolkArt Glitterific Fine will give your projects a more concentrated layer of glittery goodness. FolkArt Glossy features several vivid colors with a brilliant, shiny finish that will make your projects stand out.

Check out the video below from our New Product Showcase earlier this year to see a demonstration of how these two lines will enhance any creation.

Without further ado, here is everything you need to know about FolkArt Glitterific Fine and FolkArt Glossy with a variety of unique projects to inspire!
Create shimmering arts and crafts with the glittery colors of FolkArt Glitterific Fine. This artist-quality formula is a premium acrylic paint with fine glitter particles suspended in a clear base. Each bottle contains a combination of multiple sizes of colorful and holographic glitters. With each brushstroke, this sparkling glitter paint provides an even layer of iridescent color that is sure to make your DIY project pop! This acrylic paint is the perfect addition to any acrylic paint palette and is mess-free compared to crafting with loose glitter. Use each dazzling color on a variety of surfaces including wood, metal, glass, canvas, paper, decorative fabrics, rigid plastic, and more. Make FolkArt Glitterific Fine a part of your art supplies for added shine to all your projects.

With 8 glittery colors, FolkArt Glitterifc Fine will make any project an eye-catching, conversation starter. Click the photo below to see all the colors.

Give those seashells from your beach vacation a little extra shine with this shimmering glitter paint. This project is the perfect way to decorate your beach cottage or seaside villa with a unique touch of creativity!

Add some shimmer and shine to your basic vases with FolkArt Glitterific Fine. Make your home decor stand out with the brilliant colors of this unique line of paints. Each color brushes on beautifully for glittery coverage to all your arts and crafts!

Easily upcycle a basic lamp with a layer of shine! This beautiful gold color is the perfect addition to any living room or desk to brighten up your space.

Add some subtle color and shine to basic white feathers to create a beautiful centerpiece for your dining or coffee table. Each color of FolkArt Glitterific Fine will elevate the look of any DIY project!

Create coordinating, glitter frames and planters with these unique decor pieces painted with FolkArt Glitterific Fine. 


With an array of vibrant, bold colors, FolkArt Glossy Acrylic Paint provides a stunning shine to all your DIY projects. From crafts to home decor, these acrylic paints go on smooth and dry to a bright, glossy finish. This premium-quality formula is perfect for both indoor and outdoor projects and provides exceptional coverage on wood, canvas, tin, terra cotta, and more. Whether you are a novice or expert crafter, you will love the versatility of this glossy acrylic paint as part of your arts and crafts. Add FolkArt Glossy Acrylic Paint to your must-have art supplies for added color and shine to your creations.

Click the photo below to see all the stunning colors of this line individually.

Add a punch of shiny color to your basic wicker baskets with this unique project. Give your ocean decor an extra touch of color by painting waves of blue colors along the outside of your basket.

Upcycle a set of basic candlesticks to add some color to your home decor! FolkArt Glossy will give your project a layer of eye-catching sheen.


Add a shiny touch to your decorative bowls with FolkArt Glossy! This project is the perfect way to give your home decor a pop of color. Place on a coffee or dining table as a centerpiece to add a fresh and fun vibe to your table.


Spice up wooden jugs with a touch of color using FolkArt Glossy! No skill is required to create beautiful shiny brushstrokes for a modern look to your home decor.

Give basic wooden blocks a touch of shiny color with FolkArt Glossy! Choose from a variety of bright, shiny colors to create building blocks that pop with color.

How will you use FolkArt Glitterific Fine and FolkArt Glossy? Share your creations with us using #PlaidCrafts!

Happy Crafting!!
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