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Scribble Me This!

Scribble Me This!

The color of the year for 2020 is Classic Blue, but did you know there is also a pattern of the year? In this blog, we will discuss the art of scribbling and how that has inspired us.

According to Apartment Therapy the pattern for this year is Freely Scribbled, a celebration of organic shapes. The use of scribbles and squiggles has been used for decades in some capacity but more and more these shapes are showing up in home decor and crafting designs. Abstract lines and shapes have been used on everything from clothing to bedding to even wallpaper. 

This is Apartment Therapy's Freely Scribbled design.

Photo credit: Apartment Therapy. Link to photo:

No matter the scribble, each line, shape, or color can have multiple meanings based on the project - making scribbles a very versatile design. Create a more straightforward design with your piece or go for a more soft and subtle approach. The design is up to you! Scribbles truly give the artist the ability to create art with unlimited possibilities. Plus, each design can be interpreted in a variety of ways based on someone's point of view. Think of scribble designs as an inkblot test. The same line or shape can be seen a thousand different ways and there is no right or wrong answer. These unique designs offer a modern vibe but at the same time a very fun and free-spirited energy that makes DIY crafting exciting. 

We were so inspired by Apartment Therapy's scribble design that we decided to try some scribble art of our own. Check out some of our scribbled projects below. 

This is a group of canvases that we scribbled on to create contemporary wall art. We also used the color of the year to complete this grouping.

Here are a few step-outs to show our simple process.



Add some scribbles to your favorite pillow for a unique touch to your couch.

Enhance your style by adding some scribbles to your shoes. 

Show us how you incorporate the pattern of the year into your projects using #PlaidCrafts!

A special thanks to Apartment Therapy for the inspiration!

Happy Crafting! 
Posted: 2/17/2020 1:01:28 PM by Brittni Swanson | with 0 comments

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