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The Art of Pouring

The Art of Pouring

The newest craft craze of paint pouring has filled the Plaid team with inspiration. When it comes to painting, your creativity for crafting can be taken far beyond the bounds of a brush.

With pouring being so popular our team has been working hard to inspire you with pouring products and projects. 

If you have been in the painting game for any time at all you know that to make the luscious marbled effects you need a pouring medium to mix with acrylic paint. Plaid has developed an innovative new product called FolkArt Pre-mixed Pouring Paint that does not require any mixing because the medium is already in the bottle. To learn more about using a pouring medium and using FolkArt Pre-mixed Pouring Paint watch below.


If you are a TikTok fan, head on over to watch Plaid's FIRST TikTok video all about pouring! This short funky video gives you some tips and tricks about pouring. While you are there make sure to give us a follow to stay up to date on pouring projects and more. 

Using our #FolkArt Color Trends palette for a #strangelysatisfying paint pouring session! #colorpalette #colorpalettechallenge #colorlife

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Did you know that there are two pouring methods you can use when pouring?
Direct Pour and a Dirty Pour!

Watch our video below for a tutorial on the differences between these two pouring methods along with some tips and tricks. 

TIP: When using a medium to paint pour, keep this general rule in mind: 1:1 paint and pouring medium mix.

Have you ever wondered how many types of surfaces you can pour on? Read on to get inspiration for your next pouring project.

Who says you can't make your paint brushes a work of art? Cover your ferrules with tape and pour on your favorite colors. 


Give your Easter eggs a marbled effect with a drizzle of paint!

Make a stunning jewelry tray that has an elegant look by giving it a marbled look. 

Paint pour even the most unlikely of objects like furniture!

Wooden letters that have been paint poured will add a splash of color to any space.

Happy Crafting!
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