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DIY Summer Party Decor!

DIY Summer Party Decor!

Summer's finally arrived, and what better way to celebrate the sweltering season than with a summer party and a few cool crafts. We're totally in love with these colorful DIY projects, and while they won't make the summer heat any more tolerable, at least they'll look cute and delight your party guests.

Even if you can't make your way to beach waves and the welcome relief of a cool ocean breeze, you can sip and dream with these fun coffee mug crafts. Four simple mugs get a crafty makeover with scrapbook paper, Mod Podge, and FolkArt Acrylic Paint. The dishwasher safe Mod Podge formula makes these mugs easy to reuse for when the season changes, but your surfer spirit remains firmly in place.

Offer up some ice cold beverages, and point your guests towards the party, with this stylish ice bucket and directional sign. Decoupage summer-themed text and images onto a Plaid Wood Surface so party goers know where to go to score delicious treats and awesome activities. And why not add a little flair to a plain drink container with rainbow-hued cutouts? All the better to impress your guests while beating the heat.

Summer goodies can get a little messy, and/or sweaty, so it's always important to have a few napkins on hand. This supremely adorable napkin-holder is not only functional, it's a summer party essential for when your guests need help cleaning up a mustard stain or to dab the moisture from their brow. With a Plaid wooden scallop box and some vibrant FolkArt paint choices, you can ensure that no mess goes unattended.

Cozy up to the summer weather with these chic and on-trend customized outdoor pillows. Use Mod Podge Fabric, stencil tape, and Fabric Creations Fabric Ink to create a fun monogram, or add a jazzy pattern to simple, white pillows - no sewing needed! Your guests will appreciate the extra cushioning when they need to take a break from all the summertime excitement.

Regale your family and friends with tales of your life as a surfer, or just add a fun decor accessory, with this wonderfully embellished wooden surfboard. With FolkArt paint and Mod Podge, you can create a storyboard surfboard that's perfect for display. And while you might not necessarily be able to hang ten or wipeout on a monster wave with this charming boogie board, you can chill out with a cool drink and create memories.

Amp up your attention to party detail with this amazingly inventive, summer-themed side table. While your guests might simply be looking for the best place to sit their drinks while they boogie down, this lovely, decoupaged table is another opportunity to wow.  Scrapbook paper, Mod Podge, and FolkArt Ultra Dye transform an unfinished table into party perfection.

Not only will this assortment of party-ready crafts will make your sunshine soiree a smash hit, but these festive touches make it a strong possibility that your guests might just see you as a true DIY dynamo.

Visit our Facebook page for more information on how to host an amazing summertime bash and make your party one to remember.
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