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12 Summer DIY Ideas: Slime, Spinners and Silkscreening!

12 Summer DIY Ideas: Slime, Spinners and Silkscreening!

With a few more weeks of summer to go, we’re sharing some of our favorite summer craft ideas today - from spinners to screenprinting! 

First, let’s get ‘spinny’ with it - our team conjured up the coolest DIY spinners. So easy to customize with FolkArt and Mod Podge. Bonus: each little spinner = hours of entertainment!
Now if you’ve been slime obsessed - we’re bringing you seriously slime-y action, Mod Podge style! From galaxy slime to some that sparkles, these slime balls can’t wait for a little squeeze! 
And lastly, did you know that you can silkscreen with Mod Podge? This easy and economical technique is fun to do with the whole family! 

Let us know what your favorite summer crafts are in the comments, and follow us on Pinterest for more inspiration! 

Posted: 7/19/2017 12:40:47 PM by Deanna Jue | with 0 comments

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