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Paper Collage Art - Colorful Tropical Leaf

Paper Collage Art - Colorful Tropical Leaf

Simple Decoupage Collage Art
, a fun, new FREE downloadable eBook is now available at!  I know you will want to check it out.  This free eBook contains lots of content including three easy-to-create projects, simple-to-follow written instructions, step-by-step photographs, patterns and several bright, cheerful and colorful designer papers designed specifically for each project.  These designer papers can be easily downloaded and printed from your home printer to create these projects.

Whether creating to decorate a guest bath, a den, or perhaps a vacation home, this Mod Podge Collage Art project is sure to transport you to a peaceful tropical place.  Learning the simple trick of coating both sides of the paper with Mod Podge not only adds strength to the paper, it also makes it easy to curl paper edges creating a more life-like dimensional effect.

Supplies: Miscellaneous Supplies:  refer to the list provided on page 4 of the eBook.
How to Prepare the Pattern Papers:
It is best to print all patterned papers on a dry toner or laser printer to complete each project.  IMPORTANT:  If printing on an inkjet printer, the printed papers should be sealed before working with Mod Podge.  Inkjet printers produce prints created from water-based inks and may be susceptible to damage when working with water-based Mod Podge.  Inks on the printed images may “re-wet” causing colors to blur slightly.  To prevent this from happening with an inkjet printed paper, lightly spray seal the printed image with a couple light coats of Mod Podge Matte Clear Acrylic Spray before cutting.  NOTE:  When printing from a laser printer, it is not necessary to spray seal the printed paper prior to working with Mod Podge.
Canvas Prep:
Using a FolkArt Basecoating Brush, apply a smooth, even application of FolkArt Thicket to the entire surface of the canvas, including the gallery wrapped sides.  Allow to dry, then reapply a second coat of paint.  Let dry.
Creating Tropical Paper Leaves
  1.  Print a full set of patterned papers. Reinsert the printed papers back into the printer, then print a leaf template on the backside of each patterned paper.  Be sure to follow your personal printer’s instructions for page direction making sure the template is printed following the natural direction of the printed patterned paper.  It may require a “test” print to make sure the leaf template is printed right side up.
  2. With either scissors or a craft knife, cut out one each of the three different leaf patterns with assorted designs.
  1. Using the Mod Podge Silicone Craft Mat as a work surface, lay each paper leaf, print side down onto the mat.  Apply a coat of Mod Podge Gloss over the backside and allow to dry completely.
  1. When dry, flip the leaves over and apply Mod Podge Gloss to the patterned side; let dry.
  1. Next, carefully fold each leaf in half (print sides together), then reopen the fold. Gently manipulate and curve the leaf edges to create depth and realism.
Attach the curled leaves to the prepared canvas by applying Mod Podge Gloss to the backside center of each leaf along the stem line.  Press in place and allow to dry.  NOTE:  Mod Podge Gloss can also be applied to the leaf edges where they touch the canvas.
  • Have fun experimenting with both design and color, play around with the placement design of the tropical leaf shapes.  Or change upp the painted background colors.  Perhaps even create a gallery wall and include a few single leaf smaller canvases!
  • Each tropical paper leaf can also be attached to the base coated canvas using the Mod Podge Mod Melter and a Clear Mod Melt.
Be sure to download your FREE copy of Simple Decoupage Collage Art today!
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