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Plaid Creator Spotlight: Pretty Life Girls

Plaid Creator Spotlight: Pretty Life Girls

What is the name of your blog? 
The Pretty Life Girls

Why did you choose that name? 
We choose our blog name because we find fulfillment in creating a beautiful life.

What inspired you to start blogging/video?
We wanted to share our ideas for creating a beautiful life in affordable and simple ways. 

How do you describe your style? 
Affordable, functional, colorful, simple. 

What has been your biggest blogging/video achievement? 
Working with exciting brands and establishing meaningful relationships.

Pictured: Bright Cactus Fairy Garden

Who has been the biggest influence on your crafting? 
Our mom. She always encouraged creativity and had art supplies around the house.

What is your favorite color? 
Anything bright and happy. 

What is your catchphrase? 
Making a pretty life pretty simple. 

If you could craft with anyone past or present who would you craft with and why?
Martha Stewart. 

Pictured: DIY Faux Embossed Nightstand

What is your favorite downtime activity? 
Binge watching shows on Netflix (any Nailed It fans out there?)

Beach or mountains? Beach

Mod Podge Gloss or Matte? Matte

Movie Theater or Streaming? Movie Theater

Cats or Dogs? Dogs

Cake or Pie? Pie

Decoupage or Stitching? Stitching

Pancake or Waffle? Waffle

Posted: 7/29/2019 4:39:50 PM by Camille West | with 0 comments

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