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Meet the Plaid Creators: Ashley Thurman of Cherished Bliss

Meet the Plaid Creators: Ashley Thurman of Cherished Bliss

You've read their blogs, you've loved their projects, and you've been inspired by the Plaid Creators. But how well do you know these remarkable entrepreneurs? We're excited to kick off a video and interview series with all of our Plaid creators so that you can get to know the "behind-the-blog" characters and lives of some of our favorite creative people. To start off the series, we interviewed Ashley Thurman from Cherished Bliss on her love for woodworking, how she started her blogging journey, and what inspires her most!
Q: When did you first start getting into DIY and crafting?
A: I've always enjoyed working with my hands and building things. My dad was in construction and could do anything with a piece of wood, but once we started a family is when I got really into it. 
Q: Who inspired you to start crafting?
A: My daughter inspired the crafting bug in me. When I was pregnant with her, I all of sudden wanted to know how to sew and glue things!
Q: What was the most memorable craft/project you ever created?
A: Probably my daughters blanket. I made her crib bedding, and at 6 years old she still carries that thing around everywhere. It makes my heart smile.
Q: Why is crafting worthwhile to you?
A: I love creating something with my own hands and having that sense of accomplishment when I stand back and look at what I've made.
Q: Where do you find your inspiration?
A: Everywhere. A lot of the things I make are to solve a problem. Like if my kids leave books everywhere, I build a bookshelf. My goal is to become more organized!
Q: Any advice to those just starting to get into crafting?
Don't feel like you have to be "crafty" in order to craft. Just start small and follow a few tutorials, and the rest will come with time.
What are 3 craft supplies/tools that you can't live without?
Scissors, Paint, Foam Brushes. It seems like I use those for everything. And, when I build projects: Miter Saw, Drill, and Kreg Jig. Those are necessary to get started in building furniture.
What's something you have yet to create, that you dream of creating some day?
I want to build a tiny house and completely decorate it. Ever since I saw the craze, I've wanted one. I love the idea of finding all these creative ways to fit a lot into a small space, and decorating it would be so fun! Imagine turning crafts into multi functional items!
Check out our video interview with Ashely here:
Isn't Ashley great? Check out some of her favorite projects and more commentary from the woman herself in her Instagram takeover, and on Cherished Bliss! Loved this interview? Stay tuned for more on all of the Plaid Creators by subscribing to our YouTube Channel, and following Plaid on Facebook and Twitter
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