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Kaleidoscope of Colors!  Add Dimension and Sparkle

Kaleidoscope of Colors! Add Dimension and Sparkle

Introducing an innovative NEW medium in crafting, Fragment Effects!

Fragment Effects is a complete glass chip crafting program that allows you to create unique artwork with dimension, color, and sparkle. It bridges the gap of many crafts like stained glass, glass painting, mosaics, paint by number, and diamond dots – with a new twist.

The program features glass chips, a binder and sealer, surfaces, tools, and pattern packs to inspire! Get ready to unleash your creativity and let these shimmering glass chips take center stage in your next masterpiece!

Easy How To:

  1. Place your surface over the pattern of your choice.
  2. Apply Binder and sealer in sctions to your surface.
  3. Sprinkle chips onto Binder and Sealer.
  4. Once completely dry pour Binder and Sealer to perserve your beautiful project! 


Fragment Effects pairs well with Gallery Glass, resin, decoupage, painting, and more!

Gallery Glass: Add dimension and sparkle to your next glass painting. Easily embed glass chips into Gallery Glass paint while wet to create stunning and shimmering glass projects.


Paintings: Start with a beautifully handcrafted painting. Once it is completely dry use our silicone tool to apply binder and sealer to the designated areas where you would like to add glass chips. Lastly, place chips on the binder and sealer with tweezers to create a beautiful painting with dimension.

Decoupage: Enhance your decoupage decor with dimension. Start with a print out of your favorite design. Use Mod Podge to adhere design to your surface. Once it is completely dry apply Mod Podge to the designated areas where you would like glass chips. Lastly, place chips on the Mod Podge using tweezers to add dimension to your next decoupage project.

Resin: For more Mod Podge Resin fun, pair with Fragment Effects glass chips. Start out with a thin layer of resin in your desired mold. Once partially cured embed glass chips into the resin. Lastly, seal with another layer of resin to add a unique touch to your next resin craft.

Framed surfaces: Complete your Fragment Effects program with our framed surfaces. Combining the surface with our binder and sealer and glass chips will make for an effortless crafting experience.

The Tool and Tray Set covers all your basic glass crafting needs. This set includes tweezers with an angled tip, a scooper tool, a silicone shaper tool, and a funnel tray. Use this versatile tool set to pick up, scoop, place and pour glass chips for ultimate ease. 

The Sorting Tray Set covers your basic glass crafting needs. This set includes four plastic sorting trays to help create color palettes when glass crafting. These trays are stackable and reusable with a small funnel built-in to put your glass chips back into jars for future projects.

Comes in 12 Beautiful colors!


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