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The Specialty Paints You Need Right Now

The Specialty Paints You Need Right Now

There comes a time when you're elbow deep in your latest upcycling project or DIYing the perfect home accessory when you need to up your game. It's a time when you need that dramatic finish to transform your project from drab to fab - we've all been there.

Plaid's two latest lines of specialty paints and finishes are the cure for even the most mundane craft projects. Here are a couple of examples of how you can use these yourself.

FolkArt Treasure Gold has the most luxuriously gilded pigment and is perfect for such a wide array of projects from home decor to costume jewelry! Click the images for product details to get started: 
Still need some more inspo? Check out our video for even more project examples:

Next up is the FolkArt DragonFly Glaze which provides the perfect finishing coat that delivers a lustrous and irridescent sheen. What makes this product incredible is that it can be applied to multiple surfaces and you can layer on as many coats as needed with its easy-to-apply water based, non-toxic formula. Click the images for product details to get started: 
Even more Dragonfly Glaze project inspo:

Bonus: Plaid Ambassador, Jessica Hill of Mad In Crafts shows you how best to apply the glaze.

Happy Crafting!
Posted: 5/15/2019 11:05:13 AM by | with 1 comments

Ann Bridges
Okay I just bought the dragonfly glaze, full spectrum... had an idea for a project... decided to test it on a clipboard I use a lot...,and have to say I’m not impressed... in the videos on the first coat you see the colors... and a good bit. On this if I’m in bright light I see a few specks across the whole area... and that’s after two coats!! One coat on all the videos I’ve seen gives a good bit more shimmer. (Yes, I painted my board black first, let it dry then applied the glaze... is the full spectrum just not got much too it or do I have a bad batch?
8/10/2019 7:56:21 PM

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