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Get Crafty with Mod Podge - Part 5

Get Crafty with Mod Podge - Part 5

Happy Mod Podge Day!

Today we celebrate the creation of America's favorite glue, sealer, and finish! For generations, this versatile retro brand has been used in home decor, crafting, and more. Today's blog is extra special because we are diving into the history and the many formulas of Mod Podge. Celebrate with us as we share our love and dedication to this classic crafting must-have.

Mod Podge is a craft medium that was created a little over 50 years ago to meet the demands of the ever-popular crafting trend - decoupage. Decoupage is a French word, meaning to cut out (images or designs), adhering them to a surface and then brushing over with multiple layers of varnish or lacquer.

Fifty plus years ago, this was a tedious, time-consuming, and messy craft, as each layer of solvent-based varnish, needed proper ventilation and dry time. Decoupage artists would also sand between layers to keep the surface even and smooth.

In 1967, to “modernize” the labor-intensive decoupage techniques, Jan Wetstone, an Atlanta native, created the first water-based decoupage medium - Mod Podge! Mod Podge, itself, is short for “modern decoupage.” As a water-based product, it could be used as a glue, a sealer, and a varnish, making it perfect for modern day decoupage techniques. Using water-based Mod Podge in place of solvent-based varnishes, sped up the dry times and the decoupage technique process allowing artisans the ability to create more pieces in less time. The first two Mod Podge formulas developed were Gloss and Matte.

Plaid Enterprises purchased Mod Podge in 1979 and the rest is history! Since the initial purchase of Gloss and Matte, Plaid has developed the product line into several exciting easy-to-use formulas, a variety of applicators, tools, and accessories. 

Check out some of the first Mod Podge packaging designs. One aspect that still rings true all these years later is the retro style branding. 

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Mod Podge Formulas

If you new to using Mod Podge, check out this beginner's guide to using versatile glue, sealer, and finish! To learn more about the formula's keep reading.

There are two original formulas Mod Podge Gloss and Matte. Each formula comes in a variety of sizes from 2 fluid ounces all the way to gallon sizes for frequent Mod Podge users. Gloss will add a definitive, shiny effect to your surface while Matte Mod Podge provides a simple, yet basic non-shiny finish.

Then there is Satin and Super Gloss. As the third Mod Podge formula to be created, Satin provides a soft-to-the-touch finish to your decoupage projects. With Super Gloss, your projects will have an extremely high-shine finish that can't be missed. 

Next, we get into the Mod Podge specialty finishes, which include Mod Podge Furniture Gloss, Hard Coat, Dishwasher Safe, and Outdoor. These formulas come in a variety of sizes. Seal your furniture, glassware, outdoor decor, and more with these four varieties of Mod Podge. Each formula provides a durable, strong finish that will keep your pieces protected from wear-and-tear.

Thirdly, we are discussing some of the Mod Podge formulas that are for certain types of surfaces like Mod Podge Fabric and Paper. Create a fashion statement by personalizing your clothing with Mod Podge Fabric. Use Mod Podge Paper for all your paper-crafts; great for scrapbooking!

The Mod Podge Top Coat formulas are some of our favorites. These formulas will give your projects a durable finish will a little extra pizazz. Mod Podge Puzzle Saver will keep your hard work sealed for years with help from this unique formula. Mod Podge has a variety of sparkling top coats that will add a shiny, sturdy finish. You can also give your projects a realistic aged look with Mod Podge Antique Matte. 

Watch as Cathie & Steve do a deep dive into the Mod Podge Glitter formulas while crafting some shimmering projects.

Did you know there are a variety of spray Mod Podge formulas that you can use to glue, seal and finish your projects? Check out some of these unique formulas. Mod Podge Ultra is our newest formula that allows you to cover your projects easily with one spritz of this innovative formula. You can seal and protect your projects with a variety of Mod Podge clear acrylic sealers.


Finally, we are going to look at some specialty formulas of Mod Podge that can help you create projects with dimension, photos, and more! Mod Podge Photo Transfer and Image Transfer are the two formulas you need to add your photos to your projects. Use Mod Podge Stiffy to make fabric, paper, and more hard as a rock and use Mod Podge Dimensional Magic to create a mosai-like appearance - perfect for making jewelry. And Mod Podge Kids Wash Out is the ideal formula for when your kids get messy during craft time. 

P.S. Check out these Mod Podge kits to get your feet wet by experimenting with the different formulas. There are also a variety of Mod Podge tools to make your decoupage crafting easy.


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Happy Crafting!
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