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How to Transform a Cheap Wine Purchase into a Customized, Beautiful Holiday Gift! - A Craftable Hack

Need a last minute gift idea that everyone will love and WON'T empty your wallet? Plaid's latest Craftable has got you covered. All you need is a bottle of wine, some holiday napkins, and some glittery Mod Podge to bring some Christmas magic to the next holiday party! This craft is easy and fun, and it adds a fun personal touch to your holiday gifting. No one has to know its a $5 bottle you picked up from the grocery store yesterday. ;-) 

Bottle o' Wine
Mod Podge® Extreme Glitter
Mod Podge® Seven Piece Tool Kit
FolkArt®  Multi-Surface Acrylic Paint
Printed Napkin
Paper Plate
Water Basin
1. Remove wine labels from bottles by soaking in water for 5 minutes and scrubbing off.
2. Prep by painting the bottles in Multi-Surface paint on areas as you would like. To keep the original colors of the napkin you will need a painted white base.
3. Let dry.
4. Cut napkin design if you would like or use whole.
5. Separate the napkin to 1 ply of the design. 
6. Evenly coat the wine bottle in Extreme Glitter where you would like the napkin. 
7. Carefully apply the napkin to the bottle and gently tap smooth with your fingers.
8. Top coat with Extreme Glitter.
9. Let dry.
10. Let the holidays begin!
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