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Learn the Art of Layering with Paint & Paper, part 6

Learn the Art of Layering with Paint & Paper, part 6

Decoupage & Paint Collage Art, a fun, new FREE downloadable eBook is now available at!  I know you will want to check it out.  This free eBook contains lots of content including three easy-to-create projects, simple-to-follow written instructions, step-by-step photographs, patterns and several bright, cheerful and colorful designer papers specific for each project.  These designer papers can be easily downloaded and printed from your home printer to create these projects.


“Let’s Stick Together” is such a fun project with a youthful twist and a play on words!  Three of the four wood canvas panels feature easy-to-create collage cactus art. The fourth canvas represents a fun phrase.  And what’s so great, is that all four can be accomplished in an afternoon!


  • Mod Podge Gloss
  • Mod Podge FREE Downloadable Papers – Let’s Stick Together Collection (Provide link to papers on POL) (print three sets of patterned papers)
  • Mod Podge Free Downloadable pattern page (print one)
  • FolkArt Home Decor Chalk – Turkish Tile, Grotto, Monarch, and Cottage White
  • FolkArt Gold Taklon Brush – No. 12 Flat
  • FolkArt Gold Taklon Brush – No. 1 Liner
  • 10” x 10” Wood Canvas Panel – quantity 4
Miscellaneous Supplies:  refer to the list provided on page 4 of the eBook.
How to Prepare the Pattern Papers:
It is best to print all patterned papers on a dry toner or laser printer to complete each project.  IMPORTANT:  If printing on an inkjet printer, the printed papers should be sealed before working with Mod Podge.  Inkjet printers produce prints created from water-based inks and may be susceptible to damage when working with water-based Mod Podge.  Inks on the printed images may “re-wet” causing colors to blur slightly.  To prevent this from happening with an inkjet printed paper, lightly spray seal the printed image with a couple light coats of Mod Podge Matte Clear Acrylic Spray before cutting.  NOTE:  When printing from a laser printer, it is not necessary to spray seal the printed paper prior to working with Mod Podge.
  1. The design paper for this project is torn into irregular strips vertically rather than cut neatly using scissors. 
  2. Although all four papers are designed to coordinate with each other, each cactus wood canvas features only a pair of papers.  Select three sets of patterned paper pairs.
  1. Working one canvas panel and one pair of patterned papers at a time, position the torn paper print side down onto the Mod Podge Silicone Craft Mat and then apply Mod Podge Gloss to the back of the torn strip of paper.  Apply the paper strips vertically to the wood canvas, smooth in place and allow to dry.  When fully dry, apply a final coat of Mod Podge Gloss to seal the papers.  Let dry. 
  2. Cut out three cactus masking stencils and place them directly onto the decoupaged wood canvases where desired.  NOTE:  Each cactus masking stencil is placed in a slightly different direction and one has been flipped right side down.
  3. Working with one wood canvas panel at a time, hold the masking stencil in place while neatly painting around the shape using a No. 12 flat brush.  After all the painting is complete, lift the masking stencil and allow to dry.
  • One wood canvas is painted FolkArt Home Decor Chalk – Turkish Tile
  • A second wood canvas panel is painted FolkArt Home Decor Chalk – Grotto.
  • The third wood canvas is painted FolkArt Home Decor Chalk – Monarch.
  1. The entire fourth canvas is painted FolkArt Home Decor Chalk – Monarch without a cactus masking stencil.  Let dry.  Measure and mark lightly with a pencil a        4 ½” H x 5” W shape in the center, and then apply stencil tape around the pencil lines.  Paint the taped shape Turkish Tile. Remove the tape and allow to dry.
  2. Cut out “Let’s Stick Together” from the pattern then trace around each letter onto the Green with Blue Starburst patterned paper.
Cut the letters out using either scissors or a craft knife.

  1. Position the letters onto the fourth wood canvas where desired.  Then, one by one, decoupage each letter in place using Mod Podge Gloss; allow to dry.  Paint a Turkish Tile period using the handle end of a paintbrush.  Allow to dry.
  1. When dry, accent each wood canvas with a touch of FolkArt Home Decor Cottage White.  Apply the Cottage White accent with a No. 12 flat brush using the dry brush technique.  NOTE:  This will give each canvas panel a weathered or distressed effect.
  1. To further accent each cactus, paint random length cactus needles around each shape using a No. 1 liner brush.
  • Paint Cottage White needles on the Turkish Tile wood canvas.
  • Paint Turkish Tile needles on both the Grotto and Monarch wood canvas panels.
  • Experiment and play around with how the finished wood canvases are displayed.  These can be displayed in a foursome gallery style grouping as shown, or in a horizontal row, or even nested on several shelves within a bookcase.  You can even change the display order of the cactus and word canvas panels.  Make it your own!
  • To dry brush, simply load a flat brush with paint.  Next, wipe the loaded brush on a paper towel to remove most of the paint.  The object is to create a very dry brush that when painted (with very light pressure) on a surface will create a whispy effect.
Be sure to download your FREE copy of Decoupage & Paint Collage Art today!
Pattern papers designed by:  Shawna Malone
Project sample created by:  Julie Lewis
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Velda Lowery
You would have to decoupage if someone bought one of your PLAID wooden blocks... Because someone is ignorant enough at PLAID that they don't put a easy peel label off of a bare piece of wood... I can understand that if they weren't in the craft business, the wood business the paint business ... what ignorance... I'll not make this mistake again... $5 or $50... regardless whether it's a hell of a deal... the aggravation that i feel now isn't worth that deal...
1/23/2018 6:06:42 AM

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