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DIY Halloween: Stenciled Vampire Emoji Pumpkin, Two Ways with Free Template!

DIY Halloween: Stenciled Vampire Emoji Pumpkin, Two Ways with Free Template!

Emojis are all the rage, and this stencil hack will add a spooky twist to your typical array of emoticons! Using out free stencil templates below, create a Vampire-Emoji pumpkin TWO different ways, by carving or painting. Cute emoji by day, haunting vampire by night, and loads of fun all 24 hours! This hack can be used on a craft pumpkin to display for years to come, or on your traditional Halloween pumpkin. Check out how to do both hacks below, and be sure to print your free printables below!

FolkArt® Multi-Surface Paint – 2894 Wicker White, 2897 Pink Melon, 2907 Bark Brown, 2911 Moon Yellow
FolkArt® Peel & Stick  Stencil – 30464 Blank (2)
Plaid® 2 in 1 Craft Tool
Walnut Hollow® Hot Knife Point #25651
Flat brush ½”
#1 Liner Brush
Craft Knife
Carvable Craft Pumpkin 9” (2) or Regular Pumpkin (Skip 7/8 and use normal carving knife)
White Foam Sheet 2mm
Flameless Tea Light
Cutting Surface
Wire/Wire Cutter
Paper Towels
Water Basin
1. Paint both pumpkins with multiple coats of Moon Yellow. Allow dry time between coats.
2. Place patterns on top of the cut your own stencil blanks. Tape in place.
3. Place blanks on a cutting surface and with your craft knife, cut while tracing the lines. Remove paper and the inside pieces of the cut areas.
4. Place the adhesive stencil eyes and mouth without fangs on one of the pumpkins. Stencil the eyes and mouth Bark brown. Let dry between coats and remove stencil. Place stencil back on carrier sheet.
5. Place the stencil with tongue and fangs on top of mouth. Stencil fangs Wicker White and mouth Pink Melon. Apply several coats to cover the brown. Remove stencil and let dry.
6. Cut the eye section of the used stencil away from the mouth. Place eye stencil and mouth with fangs stencil on second pumpkin. Trace inside cut areas with pencil and remove stencil.
7. Place hot knife point into the 2 in 1 craft tool and let heat up. (*NOTE: Tool only recommended for use by ADULTS)
8. Carefully cut along pencil line with tool. Use same tool to cut a hole in the bottom of the pumpkin.
9. Cut tongue pattern from foam sheet and paint Pink Melon. Let dry.
10. Cut two lengths of wire and tape to back of tongue. Bend slightly and insert ends into top of mouth.
11. Use liner brush to paint a white stripe on both tongues with Wicker White.
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ARe the stencils no longer available? the link is dead?
10/6/2017 3:02:04 PM

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