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How to Photo Transfer Instagram Photos to Wood Blocks! New from Craftable

Let's be honest. We all have a zillion photos on social media. But with even more photos being added every day, how can we save our absolute favorites in a meaningful way? Photo transferring images to wood with Mod Podge Photo Transfer is an easy and fun way to display your favorite memories. These awesome home decor pieces also make great gifts! The best part? In total, the craft will only take you about 5-10 minutes of active time -- check out the full tutorial and instructions below to learn why!
Mod Podge® Photo Transfer Medium with Foam Brush, CS12652
Wooden square pieces of wood
Color laser copies of images to size
Emory board or sandpaper
Wax Paper
Water Basin
Before starting, print out a COLOR LASER COPY of your image to the size you want!
1. Lay pre-cut wood surface over image and trace around.
2. Cut out image. Lay image up on wax paper.
3. Spread generous coat of Mod Podge Photo Transfer over the image.
4. Peel back wax paper to release coated image.
5. Place coated side of prepared image to wood surface.
6. Gentle press. Press edges to ensure complete transfer. Let dry 24 hours.
7. Press over image with damp sponge. Let sit for 2 minutes.
8. Rub over dampened image in a circular motion to remove the paper.
9. Let dry and repeat until image dries not cloudy.
10. Sand edges to distress.
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