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Four Quick and Easy Ways to Lower Stress with Crafting

Four Quick and Easy Ways to Lower Stress with Crafting

It's no secret that creative outlets like painting or crafting can help reduce stress and anxiety while increasing feelings of happiness. That's why this month (and all the time, really) we're encouraging our community to take some time for themselves and get creating.

Whether it's a DIY project, sharpening your paint skills or upcycling an item for your home decor - we promise you'll enjoy the process the more consistently you create this special time for yourself. At Plaid, we like to call this a Crafternoon, but your me-time can happen at any time of day or night.

Here are four quick, easy and (best of all) budget friendly ways to get into that stress free zone and start crafting:

1. Assign a space dedicated to your crafting sessions, then choose soothing paint colors for a relaxing environment 
Your space can be a corner in a room, your garage, studio even a closet. Just make it inviting and limit activities to me-time related events so that you associate this space with relaxation. Here are a few suggested colors from our FolkArt Home Decor Chalk you could try:

2. Watch paint pouring videos online
Calming visuals may be really effective in lowering feelings of anxiety, and we love watching endless streams of paint slowly pour and drip on to a surface. It's something of a visual ASMR that's strangely satisfying. Don't believe us? Here's a couple of our popular paint pouring videos below:

3. Host or join an at-home paint night
Me-time doesn't always have to mean alone time. Great things can happen when you mix tapping into your creativity with your favorite people for a fun night in! You could also join a virtual paint party like Let's Paint Live, our monthly paint party you can attend via livestream right from the comfort of your own home. Watch live or on demand at a time more convenient to you. For more videos like the one below, check out the playlist.

4. Learn to paint
If you're looking for a new hobby or want to sharpen existing skills, there are so many ways to learn to paint. One great option is our interactive Let's Paint educational program with free lessons on YouTube along with a premium kit that has everything you need to get started. Choose from the FolkArt Studio Series or FolkArt One Stroke kits.

Happy Crafting!

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