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Plaid Creator Spotlight: The Latina Next Door

Plaid Creator Spotlight: The Latina Next Door

What is the name of your blog?

The Latina Next Door

Why did you choose that name?
My husband and I are always working on something around our house; usually with Latin music playing loudly. Our neighbors would always come around wondering what the heck we were up to. So I always imagined that if any one of my neighbors had guests and they asked them “Who is making all that noise outside?" they would answer... “Oh that’s just the Latina Next Door” and laugh.

What inspired you to start blogging/video?
This was a decision I took upon myself. No one really encouraged me to do either. My friends told me that I should “teach” what I knew, but no one ever suggested blogging or video. I followed a few blogs several years ago that helped influence my style and decide what I like and then one day, I thought, I could do that too and here I am now.

DIY Faux Galvanized Metal Chargers
How do you describe your style?
Coastal Farmhouse – I love the farmhouse style but I have always loved soft hues of blue and green as well as the style of homes in the Hamptons so I try to blend all of them seamlessly in my home.

What has been your biggest blogging/video achievement?
So far, that I have been able to grow my audience to over 32,000 on my YouTube channel.... and that they are so nice and supportive! I would have never thought that I would have a channel, let alone get 1,000 subscribers. But it seems that there are others out there who appreciate who I am and what I do and they keep me going.

Who has been the biggest influence on your crafting?
Honestly, it has been a little bit of everyone in my life. My grandmother was a great seamstress, my grandfather was talented welder, my mom was always such a great homemaker and my father was so good at researching how to do stuff himself. I think I got a little bit from all of them. Their creativity and resourcefulness made me who I am and what I like to do today.

What is your favorite color?
Light Blue

What is your catch phrase?
I don’t really have one that I share on my blog or videos, but I am always saying “You’re killin’ me smalls!” to my kids. LOL
If you could craft with anyone past or present who would you craft with and why?
My grandfather on my dad’s side. He was an amazing welder and built some of the coolest furniture and fences.  Even though welding is not a “small craft” I wish I would have been able to learn how to weld with him. With my ideas and his attention to detail and workmanship we would have built some amazing pieces together.

What is your favorite downtime activity?
Binging my favorite shows on Hulu and Netflix

Beach or mountains? Beach
Mod Podge Gloss or Matte? Matte
Movie Theater or Streaming? Streaming
Cats or Dogs? Dogs
Cake or Pie? Cake
Decoupage or Stitching? Decoupage
Pancake or Waffle? Waffle

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