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FolkArt Pure Artist Pigments Color Lessons

FolkArt Pure Artist Pigments Color Lessons

Here are Plaid we strive to make painting fun and easy for every skill level! We are doing the same for our new FolkArt Pure Artist Pigment Color Lessons series. A few months ago we launched our line of exquisite paints, FolkArt Pure Artist Pigments. We hope that you have been enjoying these unique paints, but if not, now is the time to dive in and get familiar with this extraordinary formula. Read on to watch the first lesson!

First, let's learn a little bit about these paints from Andy Jones! 

Learn how to read the label on the back for the best painting experience with FolkArt Pure Artist Pigments.

Keep this label chart handy to help you read and understand your colors as you paint.

Let Andy Jones explain more about this exciting new program!

Here are some of the beautiful paintings you will be creating with the Color Lessons series.


Today, we launch the FIRST lesson in the NEW FolkArt Pure Artist Pigment Color Lessons series!! Watch NOW!

Here are some other great FolkArt accessories that are perfect for completing your Pure Artist Pigment collection. 

Make sure to share your creations with us using #PlaidCrafts! 

And make sure to join the Let's Paint with Plaid Facebook Group if you enjoy painting with Andy. Each Tuesday and Thursday at noon join Andy and others for a FREE livestream painting lesson for extra tips & tricks. 

Happy Crafting!
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