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On what surfaces can I apply Gallery Glass Window Color?

Gallery Glass Window Color can easily be applied to a vertical surface such as a window or interior glass door. It can also be applied horizontally such as a pane of glass to later be framed or on a preformed plastic-molded suncatcher. Gallery Glass can also be applied to Plexiglas; however, note that on Plexiglas, the product dries to a permanent finish and color cannot be replaced.

How should a glass window or interior door be prepared prior to applying Gallery Glass Window Color?

Glass surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned with basic household window cleaner prior to beginning a Gallery Glass Window Color project. Make sure also the surface is thoroughly dry before beginning.

How long does it take Gallery Glass Window Color to dry?

Gallery Glass Window Color will dry in approximately 8 hours, and will be cured to the surface within 7 days; however, the thickness of application as well as the ambient conditions—such as temperature and humidity—may vary the dry times.

Can Gallery Glass Window Color be used on outdoor surfaces and displayed outdoors?

No, Gallery Glass Window Color is recommended for indoor use only. It is not formulated for outdoors; high humidity areas (such as bathrooms, storm doors, etc.); automobile glass; or areas exposed to extreme temperatures—i.e., below 45°F (7.2° C) or above 90°F (32.2°C).

Where can I learn more about Gallery Glass Window Color?
You can learn more about this product reading the complete Gallery Glass FAQ.
Where can I see the complete line of Gallery Glass Window Color currently available?
Download the Gallery Glass Window Color Chart to view the complete line of colors available.