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Waverly ® Inspirations Laser Stencils - Blank, 12" x 12"

Item #10611E UPC #028995106118 Condition: New
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Now you can easily create your own stencils and better coordinate your home decor with any of your favorite Waverly Inspirations fabrics! All you need is a craft knife and a hard cutting surface. 

Size: 12" x 12"

© WAVERLY, All Rights Reserved. Waverly is licensed trademark of Icon DE Holdings LLC. Manufactured and distributed under license by Plaid Enterprises, Inc, Norcross, GA 30092. Made in USA.


The creation of the Waverly Inspirations line of paints, brushes and stencils was inspired by the rich archives of stylish Waverly fabric designs providing today’s consumers with a fresh, yet classic vision for home decor. The Waverly Inspirations paints, brushes and stencils allow consumers to be artistic when creating tastefully coordinated home decor and DIY projects. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced crafter, Waverly Inspirations offers something for everyone. 

How to Create Your Own Stencil

  1. To create a stencil, select design elements from inspiration fabric. Place a stencil blank over the design element allowing at least a 1" border on all sides. Trace the design using either a fine point permanent marker or a pencil. Once the design has been traced, place the stencil blank onto a cutting surface such as plate glass, which allows a craft knife blade to move easily around curved design lines.
  2. Cut along the design lines using a craft knife with a sharp, sturdy blade. Hold the craft knife as you would a pencil, resting the heel of your hand on the cutting surface. Begin cutting simple shapes, applying pressure so the tip of the blade cuts through the stencil blank making contact with the glass.
  3. It is best to move slowly, repositioning the stencil blank so that you are always cutting toward yourself. Release pressure on the heel of your hand when cutting along a curve so that the stencil can easily move into place. Lift the knife blade once an entire section of the design has been cut. The cut shape can then easily be lifted from the stencil blank. Continue cutting each design element until the entire stencil has been created.


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