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DIY Cabinet Plant Stand

Create your own rustic cabinet plant stand using FolkArt Painted Finishes.

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FolkArt ® Painted Finish Kit - Rust

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FolkArt ® Painted Finish Kit - Barnwood

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Other Supplies

Unfinished wood—Single-door kitchen cabinet, Unfinished wood square (for cabinet top), Pre-cut cabinet sheet (made for the sides) – 2, Decorative sheet metal (cut to cabinet door insert size), Metal door-pull, Small black tack nails, Wooden screw-in Ball Feet (for cabinet base) – 4, 1” Nails - 20, Drill, Brush basin or container for water, Foam plates, Paper towels, Wood glue


  1. Pour Barnwood Tint onto foam plate and load Shortie Brush with tint. Working a section at a time, apply Barnwood Tint to the cabinet following the natural direction of the grain of wood. Using the soft, lint-free, cotton cloth, wipe to remove excess stain. Continue until Barnwood Tint has been applied to all areas of the cabinet. Let dry completely. Repeat for the cabinet top and four ball feet.
  2.  Add Barnwood Wax to a foam plate then load a Shortie Brush with the wax. Continue working a section at a time, apply Barnwood Wax using the Shortie Brush. While the wax is still wet, begin scraping the surface using an old credit card following the natural wood grain. Once a section is complete, repeat for other sections. Let dry completely.
  3. To create the illusion of rust on the metal sheeting for the cabinet door, pour Dark Rust onto a foam plate. Using the Shortie Brush, apply Dark Rust to the metal sheeting as well as the metal door pull. Use a dabbing motion to achieve a textured effect. While still wet, lightly spray with water and allow some color to drip. Let completely dry.
  4. Pour a small amount of Light Rust onto a foam plate then accent the dark rusted areas with Light Rust using the Shortie Brush. Lightly spray with water to help blend the Light and Dark Rust colors. Allow to dry.
  5. Nail the painted rust sheet metal to the cabinet door insert area.
  6. Drill holes and then attach the painted door pull hardware.
  7. Turn the cabinet upside down exposing the bottom, drill holes for the Barnwood painted ball feet. Add wood glue to the holes and base of the feet prior to screwing in place. Allow to dry 24 hours.
  8. Flip cabinet over upright, then apply wood glue along the top edge of the cabinet. Attach the top piece of wood. Weight the top with a stack of heavy books and allow to dry 24 hours.
  9. Finally, apply wood glue to each prepared side sheet, then nail into place.


  • When scraping to remove Barnwood Wax on larger pieces of furniture, use one long scrape holding the scraping tool at a 45 degree angle rather than several short choppy scrapes.
  • Wipe the scraping tool often removing the excess wax so that it is not carried onto the next area.
  • When creating rusted areas, think of the surface and where rust might actually appear over time, then apply the painted rust finishes to those areas.

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