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DIY Steampunk Decor

Embrace the retrofuturism with this fun DIY Steampunk decor for your home.

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At a Glance:

#6192 Skill Level: Advanced Time:
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This project features these great brands:

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Other Supplies

Delta Ceramcoat ® Select Multi-Surface Acrylic Paint - Satin - Dark Denim, 2 oz. #04027, Delta Ceramcoat ® Select Multi-Surface Acrylic Paint - Satin - Bamboo, 2 oz. #04031, Delta Ceramcoat ® Select Multi-Surface Acrylic Paint - Satin - Autumn Brown, 2 oz. #04033, Delta Ceramcoat ® Select Multi-Surface Acrylic Paint - Satin - Fog Gray, 2 oz. #04036, Folkart ® Brush Sets - Artist Variety Set, 10 pc. #50536, Tea light candle holder (ours came from Walmart), 5/0 Script liner brush, Palette Paper or foam plate, Paper towels, Brush basin or container for water, Tracing paper, Transfer paper, Stylus, Painters Tape or stencil tape, Soft lint-free cloth, Rubbing alcohol, Found items: charms; crystals; metal gears; etc., E6000 strong bonding adhesive


Preparation Instructions

  1. Wash glass hurricane globe well with soap and warm water.  Rinse well, and allow to dry.
  2. Moisten paper towel or lint-free cloth with rubbing alcohol.  Thoroughly wipe glass surface to remove remaining dust, dirt, grease and soap film.
  3. Trace pattern onto tracing paper.
  4. Tape pattern to interior of glass hurricane.

Painting Instructions

  1. While viewing the exterior pattern lines for each element through the glass, prepare to basecoat these elements neatly and smoothly; then allow to dry overnight.  Basecoat as follows:
    • Globe and Arrow: Autumn Brown
    • Clock:  Chestnut and Bamboo (equal parts)
    • Small Pocket Watch:  Ivory 
    • Large Gear:  Shadow Gray
    • Small Gears:  Fog Gray
    • Swirls:  Ivory
  2. Remove traced pattern from interior of hurricane then position over base coated areas; secure in place with tape.  Neatly transfer detail pattern lines using transfer paper and a stylus. 
  3. Swirls – Shade along the bottom of the swirls using a No. 4 flat brush loaded with Autumn Brown.
  4. If necessary, highlight the top portion of the swirls with Ivory.
  5. Load a 5/0 script liner brush with Dark Denim and outline each swirl.
  6. Small Pocket Watch – Using the No. 4 flat brush, shade around the outside edge of the clock face with Autumn Brown.
  7. Shade Chestnut on the inside edge of the pocket watch case using No. 4 flat brush.
  8. Highlight the case outer edge with a touch of White plus a touch of Cinnamon Sugar.
  9. Paint Cinnamon Sugar hands and Chestnut numbers using the 5/0 script liner.
  10. Globe – Using No. 4 flat brush, shade the arrow and circular borders with Chestnut.
  11. Using the same brush, highlight with Cinnamon Sugar.
  12. Paint water areas of globe using slip slap technique painting Dark Denim, Bamboo and White using No. 8 flat brush.
  13. Using same brush and Dark Denim, shade the water's edge where it meets land.
  14. Paint land masses with No. 4 flat brush double loaded with Bamboo and Evergreen.
  15. Large Gears – Using No. 4 flat brush, shade the large gears with equal parts Shadow Gray and Black.
  16. Using the same brush, highlight with Fog Gray.
  17. Small Gears – Using No. 4 flat brush, shade the small gears with equal parts of Fog Gray and Black.
  18. Highlight same gears with White plus Fog Gray using the No. 4 flat brush.
  19. Clock – Using a No. 4 flat brush, shade the clock with Chestnut.
  20. Paint Bamboo highlights.
  21. Using the 5/0 script liner brush, paint all the numbers Bamboo. 
  22. The clock hands are painted Black using the same brush.

Finishing Instructions

  1. Embellishments – Using E6000 strong bonding adhesive, attach all found items such as gems, charms, metal gears and small steampunk-style items.
  2. Delta Ceramcoat Select Multi-Surface Satin Paints once fully cured are top shelf dishwasher safe, however, because the embellishments are added to this project it would best be cleaned by wiping the surface with a damp cloth and used for decorative purposes only.
  3. Curing Instructions – Two different methods are offered to cure Delta Ceramcoat Select Multi-Surface Satin Paints:
    • Bake To Cure – Place painted glassware in cool oven; turn oven temperature on to 350 degrees.  Set timer to bake for 30 minutes.  Turn oven off after 30 minutes and allow painted glassware to cool down in oven.  Remove only when oven is cool.  NOTE:  glassware should heat up and cool down with the oven, do NOT preheat oven.
    • Air Cure – Allow painted glassware to air dry for 21 days.

Get the Pattern

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