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FolkArt Wedding Sign

Learn how to paint a rustic Wedding Directional Sign for your big day

At a Glance:

Project #16570 Skill Level: Beginner

This project features these great brands:

  • FolkArt Acrylic Paint Logo

Plaid Supplies

Folkart ® Brush Sets - Artist Variety Set, 10 pc. - 50536

Number Needed: 1 $8.99
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Other Supplies

· Distressed Wood Surface

· Paper Towels

· Hair Dryer

· Pencil


1. Start off by lightly sketching out a floral design at the top of the distressed wood surface with a pencil.

2. Loosly paint leaves and vines using a liner brush in FolkArt Yellow Orchre and Parchment.

3. It is good to layer dark colors over light colors for contrasting details.

4. Gradually add in greenery with FolkArt Mossy Meadow, Clover, and Thicket.

5. Be loose with your paint strokes and try to not be too defined.

6. Layer additional FolkArt Yellow Orchre and Parchment leaves and vines over greenery.

7. Add Lavendar bundles by pouncing FolkArt Purple in a elongated oval shape.

8. Lighten the Lavendar bundles by repeating the pouncing motion with FolkArt Violet Pansy and a little Titanium White.

9. Attach stems to the Lavendar bundles with FolkArt Thicket.

10. Create flowers by irregular circles in FolkArt Hot Pink, Festive Fuscuia, Ventage Tea Rose.

11. Keep darker pink colors in the back of the flower and blend lighter shades forward.

12. Paint the center of the flowers with FolkArt Titanium White and Yellow Ochre using a small liner brush.

13. Add additional floral details where needed.

14. Sketch out the word Wedding and an arrow with a pencil on the bottom half of the sign.

15. Loosly paint the letters with FolkArt Thicket.

16. Once dry, add light layers of FolkArt Mossy Meadow and Parchment to add demension.

17. Once completed you can set this up on your special day to direct party guest on your big day.


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Cool colors are all the colors on the Green and Blue side of the color wheel. Yellow, Yellow/Green, Green, Blue/Green, Blue, Blue/Purple, Purple are all cool colors. All colors on the color wheel can be both warm and cool except Orange.
Transparent colors are thinned with medium or water to create a wash or a glaze of color that you can see through to the underlying surface.
Warm colors are all the colors on the yellow and red side of the color wheel. Yellow, Yellow/Orange, Orange, Red Orange, Red, Red/Purple, Purple are all warm colors. All colors on the color wheel can be both warm and cool except Orange.
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