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Frankie Piñata

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#3356 Skill Level: Intermediate Time:
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This project features these great brands:

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FolkArt ® One Stroke™ Brushes - Script Liner, #2

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FolkArt ® Acrylic Colors - Pure Black, 2 oz.

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FolkArt ® Acrylic Colors - Titanium White, 2 oz.

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FolkArt ® Metallics - Gunmetal Gray, 2 oz.

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Mod Podge ® Gloss, 4 oz.

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Other Supplies

Filbert brush, Plastic milk/water jug (1 gallon), Craft knife, Candy, Masking tape, Scissors, Tissue paper – lime green, Foam paintbrush, Tacky glue, Black felt square, One 2” Styrofoam ball, Two googly eyes, Egg carton, Yarn, Skewer, Tape


  1. Make sure the milk container is clean and dry before starting. Cut a U-shaped flap in the back of the milk jug with a craft knife (parents help with the knife).
  2. Fill the jug with candy and tape the flap closed with a small piece of masking tape. This is just to hold the flap down as you add tissue paper, so you only need to use a little bit of tape.
  3. Cut your tissue paper into small (roughly 2”) squares and paste them to the jug with Mod Podge. Put as many or as few layers of tissue paper for your desired look, but be sure to cover the opening with two to three layers – this will hold the flap down just enough so that the piñata will be able to burst open when hit. Allow the Mod Podge to dry thoroughly.
  4. For hair, cut jagged bangs into the felt and glue to the piñata (use the photo for placement reference).
  5. Using the craft knife, slice the Styrofoam ball in half. Press your finger into the dome portion of the ball for the googly eyes. Glue the eyes into the wells on the balls. Glue the eyes to the piñata.
  6. Just above the eyes, paint a scar across the forehead and a squiggle on the chin Pure Black with a detail brush. Paint a squared mouth with the Pure Black. Using the larger brush. Paint teeth using the Titanium White.
  7. Cut 2 egg sections from the egg carton. Paint them with the Gunmetal Grey. Glue to the sides of the head with tacky glue.
  8. Using the tip of the craft knife, poke a small hole in the top back of the piñata. Poke a second hole in the back of the piñata about 1” down from the top. Tape a long piece of yarn to a skewer and thread through the two holes. Tie a knot in the yarn to secure and hang.

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