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Happy Holiday Pillow

Say hello to the holidays with this simple yet elegant pillow design. Add this handmade pillow to your couch for added charm to your holiday decor.

This project features these great brands:

  • FolkArt Multi-Surface Paint Logo
  • FolkArt Painting Stencils Logo

At a Glance:

Project #15659 Skill Level: Intermediate

Plaid Supplies

FolkArt ® Stencil Value Packs - Holiday, 12" x 12" - 6097

Number Needed: 1 $13.99
Item not for sale on Plaid Online.

FolkArt ® Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Paint 10 Color Set - Basics - 7508

Number Needed: 1 $18.99
Item not for sale on Plaid Online.


Number Needed: 1 $14.99
Item not for sale on Plaid Online.

FolkArt ® Painting Tools - Stencil Tape, 3/4" x 25 yds. - 50380

Number Needed: 1 $9.99
Item not for sale on Plaid Online.

Other Supplies

  • Pillow Cover
  • Paper plate
  • Papertowel
  • Craft knife (optional)
  • Ruler (optional)
  • Cutting mat (optional)


  1. Place the stencil in the center of the pillow cover and secure to the pillow underneath with tape.  The stencil is going to serve as a mask.
  2. To make thinner lines in the plaid, cut down the tape width to 1/2" with craft knife and ruler.  Or just use the tape as is and have a larger plaid.
  3. If you leave the tape as is, space the horizonal tape 3/4" apart and paint Engine Red stripes.  Remove the tape.
  4. Repeat step 3 but going vertical.
  5. Stencil HAPPY HOLIDAYS in Licorice, the trees in Bright Green and the stars in Engine Red.


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Related FAQs

Secure FolkArt Laser-Cut Painting Stencils to project surfaces with stencil spray adhesive (following manufacturer's instructions) or with stencil tape. Spray adhesive is the better choice for intricately cut or borderless Laser-Cut Painting Stencils. Be sure your stencil is flat and flush on your project surface to avoid paint run-unders.
It is always best to begin by creating a paper pattern. Trace each letter or word onto tracing paper checking your spacing between each letter and each word. Once you are happy with the design, use this paper pattern as your template to stencil directly onto your surface. It is best also to begin stenciling in the center of the word or phrase. Then continue stenciling outwards one letter / word at a time. Also be careful that each letter is completely dry prior to stenciling next to it. Do NOT lay a paper stencil over a wet letter/word.
Gently remove the cut outs from the stencil by pressing on them. If they do not pop out easily, then use a craft knife to cut the area where they remain attached. After removing the cut outs, put them aside you can use the shapes for tracing templates.
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