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Pattern and Shapes Tote Bags

Creating that one of a kind fun tote bag is not only easy to do using Martha Stewart large paper alphabet stencils and Martha Stewart Crafts Multi-Surface Acrylic Paint; it is also fun!

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Number Needed: 1 $6.49
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Other Supplies

  • Martha Stewart Patterns & Shapes Paper Stencils #32986
  • Martha Stewart ® Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Craft Paint - Wild Blueberry, 2 oz. #32017CA
  • Martha Stewart ® Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Craft Paint - Summer Haze, 2 oz. #32023CA
  • Martha Stewart ® Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Craft Paint - Habanero, 2 oz. #32050CA
  • Martha Stewart ® Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Craft Paint - Wedding Cake, 2 oz. #32076CA
  • Martha Stewart ® Mediums - Tintable Fabric Medium, 6 oz. #32194
  • Tote bags
  • Brush basin or container for water
  • Paper towels
  • Foam plate
  • Stencil tape


Tote Bag Instructions:
 These patterned tote bags were created using three to four colors a piece, keep it simple.   Our totes were completed using Wild Blueberry, Blue Sky, Flame and Wedding Cake. Some totes were created with an overall background by stenciling a pattern and then embellishing with a solid color shape.  (An example is the chevron stripe with solid butterfly tote). Other totes were created with a patterned shape by painting the shape and then stenciling a pattern over the shape. (an example is the pennant banner tote bag.)

Preparation Instructions:

  1. Prewash all fabric to remove manufacturer’s sizing.  Dry thoroughly being careful not to use fabric softeners or dryer sheets.  If needed, iron wrinkles without using a spray starch.
  2. Position large paper stencil on project surface where desired; secure in place using stencil NOTE:  The beauty of these stencils is that a pattern design can be stenciled as an overall background or just within the opening of a shape.  Be creative!

Stenciling Instructions:
  1.  Squeeze a small amount of paint onto a foam plate or palette.
  2. Mix two parts paint with one part Martha Stewart Fabric Medium.  Using the fabric medium when painting on fabric will help to keep the decorated fabric soft when dry.
  3. Load stencil brush with paint and fabric paint mixture by dabbing into the puddle.  Dab a few times more on a clean spot on the foam plate to ensure you have the entire stencil brush properly loaded with paint.  Holding the stencil brush as you would a pencil, begin dabbing up and down over the opening of the large paper stencil.  Continue stenciling until the entire design area has been painted.  Set the stencil brush aside and lift the paper stencil to reveal the stenciled letter.
  4. Continue stenciling each shape or pattern as desired using a variety of colors.
  5. Set completed project aside to thoroughly dry.

Curing Instructions:
All project surfaces painted with Martha Stewart Crafts Multi-Surface Paints should be cured to increase the paint’s durability.  Follow the Heat Setting to Cure Technique when decorating fabrics. 

Heat Setting to Cure Technique – Allow your decorated fabric to air dry 24 hours then heat set using either one of two recommended methods.

Dryer Method – Turn garment inside out; place item in dryer for 30 minutes on highest setting allowed for the type of fabric used.

Iron Method – Place decorated item right side up on ironing board; cover with dry pressing cloth.  Set iron to highest setting allowed for fabric used.  Place dry iron (no steam) on area pressing for 30 seconds, lift iron moving to another area until all sections are heat set.

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