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Red, White and Blue Tray

Decorate a basic tray with vibrant hues using Mod Podge Resin and Mod Podge Alcohol Inks. Add a touch of red, white, and blue to your home decor with this glistening DIY for your office or entryway table.

This project features these great brands:

At a Glance:

Project #15838 Skill Level: Advanced

Plaid Supplies

Mod Podge ® Resin - 8 oz. - 25263

Number Needed: 1 $19.99
Item not for sale on Plaid Online.

Mod Podge ® Alcohol Ink Set - Fun Brights, 2 pc. - 25286

Number Needed: 1 $7.99 $4.79
Item not for sale on Plaid Online.

FolkArt ® Acrylic Colors - Wicker White, 2 oz. - 901

Number Needed: 1 $1.69
Item not for sale on Plaid Online.

Other Supplies

  • White Tray
  • Respirator
  • Gloves
  • Plastic cups
  • Toothpick
  • Torch
  • Craft Sticks


  1. Mix resin according to instructions on packaging.
  2. Mix 2 drops of red ink into resin.
  3. Mix 2 drops of blue ink into resin.
  4. Mix 1 drop of Wicker White into resin.
  5. Pour each color starting at one end of tray.  Alternate colors.
  6. Take the toothpick and drag it through all the colors starting about an inch from the edge of the side of the tray.
  7. Use the torch to remove any bubbles.

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Mod Podge Resin Info Sheet

Mod Podge Resin Info Sheet

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Related FAQs

Once Mod Podge Resin has been completely cured, it can be decorated or embellished with paint, markers, ink, and more. Once decorated, it is recommended that the surface be protected by pouring a thin top coat of clear Mod Podge Resin over the decorated surface.
Yes, Mod Podge Resin can be applied to a surface in layers. The second layer can be applied once the first layer has set. This could be one to two hours, depending upon the humidity level and temperature in the room.
Mod Podge Resin works best with all types of molds. Some molds like a silicone mold will not require a mold release agent, while other types of molds made of plastic polypropylene or polyethylene sheet plastic will require a mold release agent

How much resin will you need?

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