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Plaid Ambassadors Celebrate National Mod Podge Day


To Celebrate National Mod Podge Day, we had our Plaid Ambassadors create some awesome projects featuring Mod Podge. They used many different formulas to create some great crafts to celebrate National Mod Podge Day.    Morena’s Corner used Mod Podge Photo Transfer, FolkAr... Read more →

Posted 5/19/2017 8:37:56 AM

National Mod Podge Day 2018


If you’re not familiar with Mod Podge, it’s time to meet America’s Favorite Decoupage Medium™. Over the past 50 years, Mod Podge has expanded from the original Matte and Gloss formulas and is now available in 21 unique finishes in a wide range of sizes, from 2 oz. to classr... Read more →

Posted 5/1/2018 7:32:59 AM

Get to Know Mod Podge!


How many times have you used a basic bottle of glue to craft with and it doesn't stick? Mod Podge is here to save the day! Let Mod Podge be your go-to glue, sealer, and finish for all your craft projects. Mod Podge is extremely versatile and as you will learn today, there are ... Read more →

Posted 7/6/2020 3:15:03 PM

Get Crafty with Mod Podge - Part 5


Happy Mod Podge Day! Today we celebrate the creation of America's favorite glue, sealer, and finish! For generations, this versatile retro brand has been used in home decor, crafting, and more. Today's blog is extra special because we are diving into the history and the ... Read more →

Posted 5/7/2020 2:15:05 PM

How to Make a Pirate Costume


Ahoy Matey! If you've ever wanted to be a pirate for Halloween, check out these Aaarrrrgghhh-mazing buccaneer crafts before buying a costume. Stay tuned for a video with Cosplay Ambassador, Emily Schmidt on how to create a pirate hook to go with these seaworthy projects. ... Read more →

Posted 10/2/2019 11:07:40 AM

Find Mod Podge in Target's The One Spot!


We know there are plenty of crafty Target devotees out there, and we're excited to announce that you'll find Mod Podge Matte and Gloss in a handy two ounce size in Target's The One Spot! They're just the right size for a small decoupage project. Or, if you're ne... Read more →

Posted 2/16/2015 10:02:00 AM

5 Fantastic Projects Using Furniture Mod Podge


Have you heard of Furniture Mod Podge? It's a relatively new Mod Podge formula, and one that I know you'll be in love with if you aren't already. As the name implies, it's used for furniture projects - but that's not all! This particular decoupage formula is can be us... Read more →

Posted 3/24/2016 8:02:00 AM

Paper Collage Art - Colorful Tropical Leaf


Simple Decoupage Collage Art , a fun, new FREE downloadable eBook is now available at!  I know you will want to check it out.  This free eBook contains lots of content including three easy-to-create projects, simple-to-follow written instructions, step... Read more →

Posted 7/18/2017 3:53:38 PM

Mod Podge 101 - Your How-to Guide to Mod Podge!


Happy National Mod Podge Month May is National Mod Podge Month which means we are celebrating all things Mod Podge all month long! Mod Podge Day is May 20! For over 55 years, Mod Podge has been a favorite among crafters. Matte and Gloss, the original Mod Podge formul... Read more →

Posted 4/22/2022 2:17:00 PM

Celebrate National Mod Podge Day


In 1967, Jan Wetstone created Mod Podge in her garage as an easy-to-use decoupage solution for crafting enthusiasts. Since then, the brand has gone beyond just decoupage with 17 different formulas that include Matte, Gloss, Dishwasher safe, and Sparkle as well as top coats... Read more →

Posted 5/10/2017 11:59:36 AM

Five Fab Furniture Decoupaged DIYs


Decoupage has no limits! It's a great medium to use on smaller craft projects, but have you ever decoupaged furniture? We found some of our favorite projects to inspire you today on how you can add a punch of personality to your home decor with a decoupaged piece. And, with ... Read more →

Posted 8/14/2014 10:08:00 AM

5 Tips for Using Glow in the Dark Mod Podge!


I don't know about you, but I'm ready for Halloween! Halloween is the official start of the holiday crafting season, and it's actually my favorite of all time. What other holiday allows you to eat unlimited sugar, craft with black and purple paint, and dress up as any char... Read more →

Posted 9/29/2016 2:09:00 PM

Secrets of the Crafting Trade ... How-To Decoupage Technique Tips


Here on The Plaid Palette, every Tuesday has turned into a "How-to" inspiration article.  While I was thinking about what I could blog about this week, I thought of all the common sense to crazy things I know about the art of decoupage.  An article written sharing some of ... Read more →

Posted 8/5/2014 7:08:00 AM

Here's What These Bloggers Had to Say About Mod Podge Ultra


It's been about a month since our newest Mod Podge formula, Mod Podge Ultra has hit shelves. This all-in-one glue, sealer and finish is already revolutionizing the craft industry with the high level of versatility the  product offers. Some bloggers have also shared that t... Read more →

Posted 3/21/2019 4:15:18 PM

DIY Affordable Fairy Garden Accessories with Free Template!


Finally, a good reason to go outdoors. Fun and fanciful, these scaled-down domiciles are perfect for adding a wee dash of whimsy to your garden landscapes. But while these diminutive digs might be small in stature, they can make a huge impact on your wallet. Thankfully, ... Read more →

Posted 6/16/2016 7:06:00 AM

Learn the Art of Layering with Paint & Paper, part 3


Simple Decoupage Collage Art, a fun, new FREE downloadable eBook is now available at!  I know you will want to check it out.  This free eBook contains lots of content including three easy-to-create projects, simple-to-follow written instructions, step-by-st... Read more →

Posted 8/22/2017 10:04:04 AM

5 Tips for Using Extreme Glitter Mod Podge


Now that Christmas is right around the corner, I've got a Mod Podge formula you might not have heard of but need to try: Mod Podge Extreme Glitter ! As you can imagine, this formula is no joke when it comes to sparkle. Mod Podge Extreme Glitter is bling-y  and perfect fo... Read more →

Posted 11/27/2016 7:11:00 PM

Mod Podge Slime: 7 ways! From Fluffy to Glow-In-The-Dark


In this week's Fun with Mod Podge , Anna and Suzanne show you step-by-step how to take your Mod Podge Slime to a whole new level! After teaching the ins-and-outs of the basic Mod Podge Slime recipe, they get right into how you can use ingredients like paint, glitter, s... Read more →

Posted 5/3/2017 11:34:49 AM

How to Decoupage With Mod Podge


  Decoupage as an art form has been around for ages.  Years ago it was a very slow, methodical art form requiring days to complete a project while applying many, many layers of lacquer-base decoupage mediums to surfaces.   Today with the help of Mod Podge, decoupaging is m... Read more →

Posted 4/1/2014 8:24:00 AM

Plaid Creator Spotlight: Pretty Life Girls


What is the name of your blog?  The Pretty Life Girls Why did you choose that name?  We choose our blog name because we find fulfillment in creating a beautiful life. What inspired you to start blogging/video? We wanted to share our ideas for creating a b... Read more →

Posted 7/29/2019 4:39:50 PM
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What is Mod Podge Ultra?

Mod Podge Ultra is a super strong, non-toxic Mod Podge spray formula that works as all-in- one glue and sealer with a high adhesion level - perfect for adding dimensional design embellishments to your projects. This versatile, water-based spray formula dries quickly and natura...

Is regular Mod Podge available in different types of sheens?

Yes, it is available in gloss, satin and matte.

My Mod Podge surface is still sticky after it dries. What do I do?

Hard Coat Mod Podge dries clear with a non-tacky surface. If using Gloss, Matte or Satin Mod Podge apply a clear acrylic sealer to the surface after it has cured 4 weeks.  

How should I apply Mod Podge Extreme Glitter to my project?

It is best to brush a coat of Mod Podge onto the project surface as well as evenly over the back of the paper to be decoupaged. Flip the paper over, place it onto the project surface joining glue to glue; and then press to smooth out any wrinkles or captured air pockets using...

Do I need to seal or varnish my transfer image when using the Mod Podge Photo Transfer Tool?

Although it is not necessary, sealing a completed transferred image project will provide protection. Simply brush on a water-based varnish in the desired finish: matte, satin or gloss. Allow the first coat to dry then apply a second.

How should I apply Mod Podge Sparkle to my project?

It is best to brush a coat of Mod Podge onto the project surface as well as evenly over the back of the paper to be decoupaged. Flip the paper over, place it onto the project surface joining glue to glue; and then press to smooth out any wrinkles or captured air pockets using...

How do I apply paper napkins to surfaces?

Cut the design out of the Napkin and separate the layers.; you want to use only the top layer of the Napkin. Using the Glue Brush, apply a coat of Mod Podge® Gloss, Matte or Sparkle Finish to the surface area where the Napkin will be applied. Let dry slightly – until it’...

Mod Podge

Mod Podge is an all-in-one, glue, sealer, and finish for long-lasting durability for all your projects. This innovative, retro brand has been loved by crafters for ages for its flexibility and versatility. Mod Podge dries clear and quickly.

All about Mod Podge Photo Transfer Formulas

Learn the differences between the classic Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium and Mod Podge Clear Image Transfer Medium. 

Basic Decoupage Supplies

Make sure you have the basic decoupage supplies needed to make any Mod Podge project a success.

Mod Podge Ultra

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2022 Plaid New Product Showcase

Give your creation a good foundation with one of Plaid’s many surfaces! From wooden palettes to clay pots to photo frames, Plaid offers a variety of ways to be creative. Paint, stencil, or sponge any of our versatile surfaces to create a personalized piece that is truly one-o...