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How do I use the Mod Podge Photo Transfer Tool?

The art of transferring laser photocopied images onto a wood or even a fabric surface is easy to do. Begin by selecting an image or a photograph and then photocopy it from a laser printer. Next, plug the Mod Podge Photo Transfer Tool into an outlet and select the correct temperature setting. A laser photocopied image can easily be transferred to a surface using the Mod Podge Photo Transfer Tool. Begin my securing the image face down onto the surface and secure with a piece of stencil tape. With the disc transfer tip attached to the Mod Podge Photo Transfer Tool, set the temperature dial to red and allow it to heat up. Rub the tip in a circular motion, over the back of the printed image, applying light, even pressure. The heat will transfer the laser printed image onto the surface. TIP: Check to make sure the design is transferring by gently lifting the paper to reveal the transferred image, but make sure that the printed paper does not shift when repositioning it back down.