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Why does resin stick to my Mod Podge Silicone Mold?

Silicone molds do not last forever. Over time they will dry out, become brittle, and tear easily with continued use. Use of a mold release can help resin pop out easily. NOTE: A resin that has not been properly mixed or undermixed will stick to a Silicone Mold; so be sure to follow all Mod Podge Resin instructions. Also, when using a torch too close to a Silicone Mold, it may cause Mod Podge Resin to stick.
Note: All Mod Podge Silicone Molds are polished to a smooth shiny finish. This will ensure a clear, high-shine gloss surface to a poured Mod Podge Resin once it has cured and then released from the mold.
Mod Podge Silicone Molds are manufactured from a translucent silicone rubber enabling the crafter to see Mod Podge Resin as it is poured into the mold. This translucent mold allows the crafter the ability to properly fill the mold and to check for possible bubbles at the bottom of the mold.