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Wood Slice Side Table with Color Blocking

By: Kirsten Jones
Turn a sliced wooden table into a vivid work of art with FolkArt Ultra Dye.
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Skill Level: Intermediate


Folkart ® Paint Tools - Stencil Tape
Item #34002
Holds stencil securely in place; will not damage background paint or stencil's delicate features.


FolkArt ® Ultra Dye™ Colors - Hot Pink, 8 oz.
Item #5609
Hot Pink is a vivid fuchsia shade that absorbs beautifully and offers vibrant color intensity. FolkArt Ultra Dye is a creative way to introduce vibrant color to wood and natural fibers. This dye, made with a unique acrylic formula for improved durability, won’t peel or rub off. Use the dye to color block or create an interesting gradient effect. This water-based, non-toxic dye works well with stencils, and it can be paired with Ultra Dye Varnish for added protection.


FolkArt ® Ultra Dye™ Brush Pack
Item #5617
Apply FolkArt Ultra Dye like a pro with the Ultra Dye Brush Pack. Especially designed for use with Folk Art Ultra Dye, these soft Taklon brushes help ensure smooth application and impressive results. The brushes are great for spreading the dye evenly, as well as for creating a gradient effect. The pack includes: 1-1” Flat Brush, 1-1 ½” Flat Brush, and 2 pairs of plastic gloves. It’s ideal for creating one-of-a-kind Ultra Dye projects that showcase the beauty of natural surfaces.


FolkArt ® Ultra Dye™ Satin Varnish, 8 oz.
Item #5618
Ultra Dye Satin Varnish is great for use over FolkArt Ultra Dye for added protection. This super-tough polyurethane dries to a beautiful satin finish. Water-based and non-toxic, this finish applies evenly and helps seal in the vibrant colors of FolkArt Ultra Dye for a lasting, durable finish. Great for use on a variety of natural surfaces finished with FolkArt Ultra Dye. Pair with the Ultra Dye Brush Pack for effortless application and a smooth finish.


Other Supplies
Unfinished wood round side table (made from cross section slices of wood)
Brush basin
Paper towels
Foam bowls and plates
Cotton cloth
Craft knife
Plastic gloves
Medium-to-fine grit Sandpaper


  1. Pour a small amount of Hot Pink into a foam bowl.
  2. Measure and very lightly mark with a pencil approximately one fourth the width of the table. Tape along the one fourth measurement. Be sure to press the tape edge to ensure a tight seal.
  3. Load a FolkArt Ultra Dye Brush with Hot Pink. Apply the dye on the remaining three fourths of the unfinished table being careful to coat all exposed sides of each wood slice.
  4. Allow the dye to penetrate the unfinished wood and if necessary wipe the surface with a soft paper towel to remove excess dye.
  5. Remove the stencil tape and allow to dry.
  6. To seal and protect, apply a coat of FolkArt Ultra Dye Satin Varnish to the entire table top. Allow to dry and completely cure before using.


  • If you desire, you can simply guess the space to tape off without measuring and marking the line with a pencil.
  • Think about creating several sections of solid color dyeing a variety of colors one section at a time.
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