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Plaid Enterprises, Inc., is one of the world's largest, most diverse manufacturers of creative do-it-yourself products. Our product innovation and dedication to the ever-changing needs of consumers have made the Plaid family of products among the most recognized and desired brands worldwide.

In the Beginning... 

In 1976, Plaid founder David Cunningham set out to "create a diversified, yet synergistic company that would provide the most complete, comprehensive programs available to market and sell craft products." Plaid Enterprises, Inc., thrives today as powerful proof that dreams can become reality.

Plaid's first product category was how-to publishing covering the hottest crafts of the era--macramé, beading, decoupage and decorative painting. The company soon expanded to manufacture the products called for in how-to books. Paint was one of the first products targeted, and production began in consultation with leading decorative artists. Today, Plaid is the industry's leading small batch paint manufacturer, producing all USA-made paint in facilities located outside of Atlanta, GA.

The company continued to evolve with the craft industry, developing products in tune with trends—stenciling, faux finishes, fashion, glass crafts—reaching out to new artists and markets, including home improvement. Plaid was also the first craft company to sell products on television via infomercials and home shopping channels.

Notable brands in Plaid's portfolio include FolkArt®, Gallery Glass®, One Stroke™, and one of the industry's best known, Mod Podge®, a favorite since 1967. In 1996, Bucilla, the nation's needlecrafts leader, was added to the Plaid fold.

Today, Plaid remains true to its roots, leading the way and setting standards for craft products, programs, marketing, inspiration and education.

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In the Community

Plaid is an active member of its community, supporting the United Way, American Cancer Society and other local organizations. With the majority of Plaid employees—and consumers—being female, women's issues—breast cancer research in particular—are especially important.

For more than a decade, Plaid employees have sponsored a wide range of company activities, generating thousands of dollars on behalf of the American Cancer Society Relay For Life of Gwinnett County. Fund-raisers have included barbeques and bake sales; plant, book and luminaria sales, and the Relay for Life, a 24-hour lap-walking event.

In addition, activities such as balloon launches and special ornaments for the company Christmas tree have been designed to remember or support employees and/or family members who have battled cancer.

Plaid Conserves to Preserve

Individually and as a corporation, Plaid takes its responsibility to the environment seriously. Conservation and wise use of resources are critical factors in our day-to-day business. Here are some notable ways we've reduced, reused and/or recycled.

  • We dug a well and instituted treatment/recycling processes at our paint manufacturing plant, saving thousands of gallons of water every day.
  • Scraps from Plaid's stencil production are returned to the raw material vendor for new life…as stencils.
  • Reusable totes for paint bottles make at least 15 round trips between Plaid and the bottle manufacturer before being recycled, saving 50,000 corrugated cartons annually.
  • The gram weight of plastic paint bottles was tweaked, resulting in reduced raw materials, less weight and lower freight costs.
  • Specialty software selects the optimum size of order shipping cartons, significantly reducing corrugate usage.
  • A new process for import packing has yielded an 80% reduction in non-recyclable corrugate.
  • Glass, aluminum and other recycling bins are faithfully used in the lunchroom, while toner cartridges and paper are collected at outposts for recycling.

Plaid will continue to regularly implement—and report on—special projects designed with respect to our environment and help sustain our vital natural resources.