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What is Sobo glue?
Sobo glue is an all-purpose thick, white craft glue that can be used on both porous and semi-porous surfaces.
What craft surfaces would Sobo glue work best with?
SOBO glue is best used when working with wood, paper, ceramics, ribbons, dried or silk flowers, beads, flat back gems, chenille, leather and feathers.
Is Sobo glue water soluble?
Yes, excess Sobo glue can be cleaned from your hands with soap and water.
Is Sobo glue weather resistant?
No, Sobo glue should not be used for outdoor projects. Use Sobo glue for indoor projects only.
What is Soy Paint?
A water based acrylic paint that uses pigment mixed with a bio-based ester resin.
On what surfaces can I use Soy Paint?
Most porous surfaces. Canvas, Terracotta, Plaster, Wood
Do I need to prime my surface before painting?
No, Soy paint is deep penetrating into surfaces and eliminates the need to prime.
Do I need to seal or varnish the Soy painted surface?
No, Soy paint creates a natural protective barrier. One step : primes, coats & seals.
Can Ceramcoat colors be mixed to create new colors?
Yes, even though there is a very large line of colors to choose from, Ceramcoat paints mix easily to create any color you desire.
How do I clean Ceramcoat paint out of my brushes and off of surface areas?
Ceramcoat can be cleaned up using soap and warm water. It is better to clean up Ceramcoat paints while they are wet.
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