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How is FolkArt® Outdoor™ different from Apple Barrel Gloss™?
FolkArt® Outdoor™ paints are formulated with rich and creamy consistencies in true artists palettes that deliver high hide with UV protection and weather resistance that makes this paint the perfect paint for outdoor use. It is self-sealing, no primers, sealers or varnishes are required. FolkArt® Outdoor paints can be applied on a variety of surfaces such as metal, terra cotta, wood, concrete, galvanized tin and more. It dries to a satin finish and is waterbased so clean up is easy with mild soap and water.
Apple Barrel Gloss paints offer a bright and clean color palette. They too are formulated to be weather resistant, can be used outdoors, and work well on the same types of surfaces. However, Apple Barrel Gloss paints dry with strong colors and a high gloss finish.
How do I cut and prepare rusty tin shapes?
  1. Rub rusty tin lightly with a soft, dry cloth to remove excess debris and smooth the surface.
  2. Transfer traced pattern onto rusty tin with white graphite paper; press very hard with a pencil. Or cut out traced pattern and trace around it on rusty tin with a soft lead pencil. If using a pencil, trace on opposite side of the tin than which will be showing.
  3. Cut out tin shape with scissors. Be careful not to cut yourself. Be sure to trim as smoothly as possible, eliminating sharp edges. Avoid spurs.
  4. Hammer edges flat, if needed.
  5. Drill holes, if needed, with a drill and drill bit.
What are some tips for painting on glass and glazed ceramic surfaces with FolkArt® Glass and Tile Medium?
  1. Clean surface with rubbing alcohol.
  2. Stir - do not shake - Glass & Tile Medium
  3. Apply medium to entire surface of design shape. On a glass piece, if possible, place your pattern behind the glass so you can apply the medium to the pattern area without tracing. Let medium dry completely.
  4. Paint the design. Allow to dry completely.
  5. Apply another coat of Glass & Tile Medium over the painted design or to the entire surface. Allow to cure for two weeks for best result.
What does hue mean?
Hue is a color or shade of color in a perticular range.
What does color intensity mean?
Intensity is the strength or concentration of a color.
What does color value mean?
Value is a color's lightness or darkness in relation to the black and white gray scale.
What is a tint?
Tint is a gradation of a color made by adding white to it to lessen its saturation.
What does tone mean?
Tone is the relative lightness or darkness of a color.
What does shade mean?
Shade is a color to which black has been added to darken or lower the value of the color.
What does neutral mean?
Neutrals are pure earth colors such as grays, tans and browns. These colors tend to be subtle and can be used easily with other colors.
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