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How to Paint Grapes Easily using FolkArt Multi-Surface Paints with Priscilla Hauser!

How to Paint Grapes Easily using FolkArt Multi-Surface Paints with Priscilla Hauser!

Last week, we spent some time with Priscilla Hauser learning how to paint a simple apple using FolkArt Multi-Surface paints.  This week, we learn from Priscilla again and this time, she will share with us a very, very simple way to paint a cluster of grapes using a dauber!  You will be AMAZED!  This is perfect for the basic, beginner student as well as intermediate level painters. 

Priscilla has painted this grape cluster on a clear class caning jar that was first painted and distressed using FolkArt Home Decor Chalk.  You will find the instructions how to prepare the jar in last week's post, click here.  But first, let's gather all the necessary supplies ....


  • Large Glass Caning Jar
  • 34803  FolkArt Home Decor Chalk - Patina
  • 2930  FolkArt Multi-Surface Acrylic - Eggplant
  • 2925  FolkArt Multi-Surface Acrylic - Ink Spot
  • 2942  FolkArt Multi-Surface Acrylic - Fresh Foliage
  • 2907  FolkArt Multi-Surface Acrylic - Bark Brown
  • 2918  FolkArt Multi-Surface Acrylic - Thicket
  • 2929  FolkArt Multi-Surface Acrylic - Perfect Purple
  • 2956  FolkArt Multi-Surface Acrylic - Violet Pansy
  • 2921  FolkArt Multi-Surface Acrylic - Aqua
  • 2934  FolkArt Multi-Surface Acrylic - Licorice
  • 2938  FolkArt Multi-Surface Acrylic - Titanium White
  • Miscellaneous Supplies:  Brush Basin or container for water, Paper Towels, Foam Plate for palette, 3/4" Flat Brush, No. 12 Flat Brush, No. 1 Liner Brush, Daubers, Tracing Paper, White Chalk, Old Toothbrush, Fine Grit Sandpaper, Small Wood Knob, Black Organza Ribbon, White Craft Glue

Remember the instructions for the preparation of the glass canning jar and painting / distressing when using FolkArt Home Decor Chalk can be found here.

Next, trace and transfer the background shape of the grapes, (an oval).  Also trace the grapes pattern onto tracing paper; flip the traced pattern over and apply white chalk to the pattern lines.  Flip tracing paper over once more, position (chalk side down) on prepared surface and retrace oval shape.  You will find the grape pattern here.

Load the large flat brush with FolkArt Multi-Surface Eggplant and neatly basecoat the oval shape.  Allow to dry.  Reapply base color to create an opaque oval background.

Reposition the traced grape pattern back over the dry painted oval; transfer the grape cluster and leaf.

Colorbook paint the grapes FolkArt Multi-Surface Perfect Purple and the leaf Thicket.  Allow to dry and reapply to create opaque coverage.

To paint the leaf, "re-wet" the leaf by painting Thicket. 

Load the same flat brush with Fresh Foliage and add a touch of Titanium White on one side of the brush.  Begin highlighting the grape leaf edges keeping the Titanium White to the outer edge of the leaf.

Pat to blend the colors together keeping Thicket at the leaf base, blended thicket and Fresh Foliage on the middle section of the leaf and mostly Titanium White to the edges of the leaf.

Load a dauber with Perfect Purple and re-wet the grape cluster.  Dab the dauber into the puddle of paint, touch the grape cluster, lightly twist and lift the dauber creating an individual grape circle.

Add Titanium White to one side of the dauber as shown in the photo.  Repeat the same grape painting process by touching a grape circle, lightly apply pressure, slightly twist and lift.

Continue painting grapes adding touches of Violet Pansy as well as Perfect Purple.  Continue using Titanium White as the highlight and add small touches of Aqua on a few grapes as an accent.

Once the grapes have been completed, paint a delicate curlicue along the grape cluster.  To do so, thin Fresh Foliage with water to an ink-like consistency.  Load a liner brush with thinned paint.  While keeping the brush straight up so that only the tip of the bristles are touching the surface, slowly and smoothly paint a loop de loop creating delicate curlicues.

Lastly, paint a Licorice brush stroke trim around the background oval shape.  Load a No. 1 Liner brush with thinned Licorice; thin with water to an ink-like consistency.  Paint a simple comma stroke border.  If desired, paint a comma stroke border on the jar lid too.  You will find the pattern here.

Complete the caning jar project by painting a small wood knob Licorice.  When dry, glue the painted knob to the lid and tie a black organza ribbon around the neck of the jar.

Wasn't that a super fun and easy way to paint a grape?  Stay tuned next week and Priscilla will show us how to paint the pear easy as pie!

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