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Dr. Seuss Inspired Crafts for Kids

Dr. Seuss Inspired Crafts for Kids

This year for Christmas my daughter received a collection of Dr. Seuss books from her grandmother - what a magnificent gift! Although I've read each at least 50 times, as I flipped through a few of my favorites, I was just as swept away by the colorful worlds swirling before my eyes as I was the very first time I ate green eggs and ham. This got me thinking. These colors and stories were meant to live. What better place to bring them to life than inside the home? My daughter loves to write and I've been wanting to create the perfect work space for her. A Seuss-inspired desk area will provide just the visual inspiration she needs to spark her imagination! If your kids dont's have a desk, these ideas can be applied just about anywhere -- from bedrooms to reading books to playrooms!

With crazy cut edges, these Paper Pom Poms via Boho are a zany twist on hanging paper displays. Experiment with different colors and cutting techniques to turn any room into Seuss-inspired world of fun. They would look great hanging above a desk or marking off a reading nook or hangout area. 

Reading nooks are my absolute favorite! I've tried to create one in each of my kid's rooms. These Dr. Seuss Wall Letters via Money Saving Sisters not only add personality to the walls, but also use the classic stories in a very unexpected way. All of his illustrations are quirky and captivating, so play around with what pages you decide to use and what words you spell out. I'm thinking about putting my daughter's name above her bed!

Oh the places you'll go! What captures this message more perfectly than a world globe? This bright DIY decoupage globe via Brass Paperclip is the epitome of imagination and exploration! The unexpected colors and bold graphics over the map give the piece an almost mixed-media vibe, resulting in a desk decoration I think even the Dr. himself would be impressed by!

What's the cat without his hat? The iconic red-and-white striped topper is one of the most recognizable symbols of the past several generations. Standing the test of time, it inspired this DIY Cat in the Hat Pencil Holder via Club ChicaCircle. It's amazing how something as simple as a tin can and string can bring to life a beloved character in a matter of minutes!

After you've made your holder, fill it with fun Pom Pom Truffla Tree Pens via Doodle Craft. Every pen in our house now looks like something straight out of The Lorax and I love it. Everything's more exciting to read when written with one of these rainbow writers!

Pictured at top: Truffla Tree Pens via Doodle Craft
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