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Apple Barrel Craft Paint

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Apple Barrel Pouring Medium

Apple Barrel Pouring Medium is the easy way to create fun patterns and designs with Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint. This unique formula allows you to gently glide colors across your surface for a unique addition to your craft supplies. Create fascinating marbled and swirled effects by simply mixing equal parts pouring medium and acrylic paint. 

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Apple Barrel ® Pouring Medium, 64 oz. - 7189E

A/B Pouring Medium 64 oz.

Apple Barrel ® Pouring Medium, 16 oz. - 44840E

A/B Pouring Medium 16 oz.

Apple Barrel ® Pouring Medium, 8 oz. - 44839

A/B Pouring Medium 8 oz.


Acrylic Paint Pouring 101 Guide

Acrylic Paint Pouring 101 Guide

Learn how to create beautiful abstract acrylic artwork by reading this guide.


Apple Barrel Pouring Medium FAQ

Thinning Apple Barrel Pouring Medium is not necessary, as it is manufactured to the perfect consistency to create a variety of marbled effects using either the Direct Pour Method, the Dirty Pour Method, or the Flip Cup Method.
No, shaking Apple Barrel Marbling Medium may only introduce air bubbles into the product.  It is best not to shake before using.
No, Apple Barrel Pouring Medium should be used on indoor surfaces only, as it is not designed to be permanent outdoor without an outdoor sealer or varnish applied.  When decorating an outdoor surface with Apple Barrel Pouring Medium mixed with Apple Barrel acrylic paints, the completed project should be varnished with an outdoor varnish such as Apple Barrel Outdoor Sealers available in Matte, Satin or Gloss finishes.
Apple Barrel Pouring Medium when mixed with Apple Barrel Acrylic Paints will dry to the touch within 24 hours, however, it will take approximately 48 hours before it is cured to the surface.
Although the mixture of Apple Barrel Pouring Medium and Apple Barrel Acrylic Paints begins to set up soon after marbling and may be dry to the touch within approximately 1 hour, the project surface may not be completely dried until 24 hours after the pour.  Variables such as the type of surface being marbled, the thickness of paint application and the humidity of the work area will all affect the individual drying time of each marbled project. 

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