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FolkArt One Decor Paint and Sealer

FolkArt One Decor FAQ

FolkArt One Decor Paint should be cleaned from your brushes and/or tools using soap and water immediately after each use.
Yes, FolkArt One Decor Paints do mix well with each other to create any color you desire. Begin by adding a small amount of the darker color into the lighter color, then continue adding small amounts of the darker color, a little at a time, until the desired color or value is achieved. It is recommended to use a palette knife to mix two or more colors when creating a custom color.
The beauty of painting with FolkArt One Decor Paint is that a surface does not require massive preparation work.  Simply brush FolkArt One Decor Paint directly onto a smooth project surface.  Note:  For best professional results, the project surface may be sanded smooth first.
No, it is not necessary to shake or stir the open jar of FolkArt One Decor Paint.   
When brushed out in a smooth, thin application, FolkArt One Decor Paint will be dry to the touch within a couple hours.  Note: a few variables such as the project surface and how it was prepared, paint application and how thick FolkArt One Decor Paint was applied, as well as the humidity and air flow will determine the total dry time.  
FolkArt One Decor Paint can be applied to many different types of surfaces such as wood, terra cotta, metal/tin, canvas, paper mache and plaster.  It can also be applied to ceramic and/or glass surfaces for decorative purposes only as the paint is not dishwasher safe
FolkArt One Decor Paint is a dreamy paint perfect for all DIYers and Makers who love to refurbish or renew home decor surfaces.  Formulated as a paint and sealer all in one, FolkArt One Decor Paints enable the user to complete projects in less time!   FolkArt One Decor Paint can be used as a base color on a cabinet and it can also be used to stencil or paint a design onto a piece of furniture.  And best of all, FolkArt One Decor Paint is an acrylic-based paint, making clean-up quick and easy too.
When working with FolkArt One Decor Paint, the best applicator is a general all-purpose synthetic bristle paintbrush recommended for applying base colors to large surfaces such as furniture.  
FolkArt One Decor Paint will dry to the touch within an hour to 12 hours depending upon paint application and humidity; however, it will take 24 hours before it is fully cured to the surface.
No, it is not necessary to seal a project surface that has been painted with FolkArt One Decor Paint because it is formulated as a paint and sealer all in one product
FolkArt One Decor Paint will dry to a very smooth, eggshell finish that does not require a varnish because a sealer is built right in the paint.  However, if you choose to change the sheen from eggshell to a matte or gloss finish, apply the varnish of your choice.

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